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  • Thank You So Much Dear "James Fray" , For This Brilliant addon , But , This addon have two problem , 1. when ,open a new youtube video , by click on it , this addon doesn,t work . and 2. when open many youtube video , in a new tabs , but , dont go in video tabs , this addon doesn,t work .
  • It does indeed stop autoplay and pre-loading and at first appears to be an excellent solution, but unfortunately it also interferes with YouTube's ad system in such a way that the ad cycles in a loop and the video never starts. That makes it unusable for me. I tested this in Firefox 65.0.2 on Windows7-64.
  • Перестало работать в Youtube. Отключил, удалил. Поставил заново. Все отлично!
  • It didn't work - I opened one video page and it started playing immediately. I put it on pause and the load bar continued moving, so even on pause it was still loading. I have a data limit on my connection; auto-play is NOT an option for me. (This is my first attempt to use an up-to-date version of Firefox, and I've had to change almost all of my addons. If I can't find something to stop YT - or any - videos from auto-playing I'll be abandoning this version and going back to the one that works.)
  • funktioniert einwndfrei wenn man Haken 1 und drei aktiviert
  • Godsend

    Youtube has no shame by breaking extensions to force their politics.
  • WORKS 8 SEPT 2018
  • Works. The other one I tried didn't. Thanks.
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  • 1) Open video in a new tab without going to it directly = > Firefox pauses the video
    2) Go to the tab, video start to play automatically.
    3) The addon kicks in after some (5 to 6) seconds and pauses the video.
    4) You are forced to play the video from the start!

    Is it just me?
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  • This extension broke my youtube, it doesn't work in firefox 60.0.2, it didn't work when installed and it didn't fix my youtube when removed, AVOID