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  • Every video now:

    Looks like the plugin's been abandoned. If it's loading the same video everytime for all users, might be gather personal info now as a troll. Uninstalled
  • I love this Add-on! very easy to use and doesn't require much for download
  • Add-on does what it says it would. I have no issues with quality so far but I am not that picky about that so I might not notice when it was not great quality. Unlike other add-ons I tried, this one truly was a no-restart add-on. Doing what it says when it says is a great thing.
  • It's easy to use, and it actually works, which is not true of several downloaders I've tried lately. But, it generates a 128kbs mp3, even on videos which are available with very high quality audio streams, which is quite poor quality.
  • This worked great until 1-2 days ago. It will only download some odd MP3 "song" that shouts 'DEVELOPERS 'DEVELOPERS 'DEVELOPERS 'DEVELOPERS "
    Every video is listed as Title: Developers.
    I'm removing it.
  • Doesn't work on videos longer than 20 minutes. I wanted to use it on a much longer video. I didn't try it on any short videos, but to me it was useless.
  • Overall, it's amazing add-on, sadly it doesn't support right to left languages, it will be perfect when it will support :)
    GL making us happier ;)
  • Hello, I install this add-on. but when i start you tube there is no any Download MP3 button on screen. i restart the browser but same again there is no any button like download MP3. so please cleared how it is set or install? Thanks
  • Awesome extension. Thank You. :)
  • Useless now since Youtube has started blocking EVERY SINGLE Youtube converting service on the net!
  • Worked great with the first 5 cd's I burned.After that cd's would only work on computer and not in car.
  • I've tried several YouTube down loaders, and this one is hands down the best. All you do is click the small button under the video, a tab will open click download, and you will get the mp3 with no converting required! A 5 minute song downloads in less than 2 seconds and is ready to put on my S5.
  • EXTRA !!! EXTRA !!!
  • BAM!! No more torrenting for me, baby! Somebody buy Philip a beer!
  • no funciona.
  • La extensión funciona, pero es una lástima que sólo descargue a 128 kbps

    Esperamos en un futuro poder bajar a mejor calidad.

  • Not working !!
    I mean, the button doesn't even appear on the video's page, on youtube ...
  • very cool app
  • useless
  • So easy to use, thanks for creating this!
  • Diese add ist überhaupt nicht schlecht, man tut 2x klick und ist MP3 datei schon heruntergeladen von you.tu_e. Einzige nachteil ist dass man nur 15Download inerhalb 30 minuten machen kann (mozila für iMac mit Yosemite).
  • Works as it says, adds a button below the video player - the picture in description is for old players probably-, clicking on it new tab opens and you get the download button. Can't download 20+ mins. videos.
  • just too deceptive saying it adds a button for all vids,
  • I really like it to get a few songs. I don't need to have MP3s that are super long. It works really nicely for what I need.
  • only 20 min. videos are convertible