If there something wrong? Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Before the latest update I was able to fast-download 1h50m long podcast [about 170MB file size] and covert it to MP3 [this process takes 2-4m] After updating the latest version download speed crawl down to 20+ Kb/s

*Download are started by pressing the MP3 button. Debug is not turned on. Volume control is not turned on.

Could this be an issue with the addon itself of has YouTube set to truly enforce their do not download policy?

Other than this issue, this is a great addon, I consider it to be the best of its kind.

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Youtube added a throttle

to their network. I have the same issue in my region where videos take forever to download or even buffer. They're trying to improve overall network performance, but it does seem to be causing some speed issues...