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  • Good adds on
    i like it ..
    simple but greaatttttt
  • Remplit sa tâche, opère son œuvre, rend de bons offices : formidable !
  • Funcionou legal! Bem simples. Grato por compartilhar :)
  • Stumbled upon this little gem after removing another addon that stopped working when Firefox updated to 30.
    This one's simple, quick, and the quality stays the same as it was in the video. It does its job very well as of the day I type this. I just hope it doesn't break like many other Youtube-MP3 converters here.
  • Doesn't work at the moment....*sighs*
  • After a long search for an add on that actually worked this one is by far the easiest one to use, and it actually works.
  • Tried them all... this one is the best by far...

    It may take extra time depending on the video length... but for a video up-to 10mins long it only takes a few seconds to popup with the 'save as' window.

    for longer videos it can take much longer, which is understandable considering it is converting the file type to mp3.

    By Far A * ... would recommend to any man and his dog.
  • Very simple. I highly enjoy this add-on. However, I have a question Yasser. Some files do not download at all; why is that?
  • Simplest add-on of its kind. Unfortunately, it isn't compatible with Menu Editor 1.2.7 as the download option cannot display. Any idea if this can be fixed?

    EDIT: Thanks for the response. What item did you hide to reveal the download option? Looking through context-menu editor, "download as mp3" is nowhere to be found. I have tried resetting all menus with no luck. Disabling the Menu Editor allows this plugin to work perfectly.
    Thanks. I tried it, and customizesd the main context menu (hiding an item from main context menu) and the "download as mp3" jump to first item on youtube page context-menu. If you provide more details, I can try it: your Menu Editor configuration maybe. I'm not so familiar with it. Seems you can hide unwanted items from context-menu.
    EDIT: I asked its developers if there is any workaround for this. since "download as mp3" item, only adds itself to youtube pages, so their extension miss it (can't check all available domains to collect all possible dynamically added items by extensions on certain ones).
  • Its a pity it does not work on FF 29.0.1 as the idea of this add-on is great :-)
    Working in 29.0.1. Only needs some time to convert to mp3. This extension is just nothing more than using youtube-mp3.org. It does send the url to that site and waits for it to get converted and then let's the user know. I admit it doesn't show what's going on. But that's all it does now.
  • Muito bom
  • I like it
  • I have FF 29.0.1. Right-click, click on "Download as MP3" at bottom of pop-up menu....nothing appears to happen. Nothing in FF downloads, nothing in Document Downloads, not in Music...where else would it be putting the download? Appears simply not to be working.
  • Elegant
  • La verdad me sorprendio! Simplemente escribis o pegas el nombre de la cancion que buscas, y si existe en youtube te permite descargar tu cancion! Simple y claro
  • Works really well. You only have to click on the page (not on the video) and click download to mp3.
  • It works properly :)
  • Hey Mr/Mrs bigot, beeep you. It's working bad. Thanks Yasser :)
  • It is working on the latest version of Firefox for me. Keep up with good job mate!
  • did not work with last firefox

    Checked it. Still working on FF new version 27.0.1
  • quick n' easy ever god job.
  • Thank you for that easy and effective solution!
  • Muito bom!!!