73 reviews for this add-on
  • Works great, does what it says it does.
  • Please update this addon ♥ it doesn't work in the latest version of FF
  • Sin complicaciones, funciona tal como dice.
  • I've been using it on YouTube and it works very well, Firefox version 36 could be the problem with it not working, alot of over add-on are not working as well but only time can tell
  • Used awhile ago, it just what I wanted but now it does't work. I have even reloaded it. :(
  • Excelente add-on. Cumpre o que promete e de forma bem pratica.
  • No funciona con la actualización 35.0, de más era la mejor aplicación para convertir videos a mp3 rapidamente.
  • Definitivamente no funciona

    (Firefox 34.0.5)
  • I'm a pretty big user of youtube-mp3.org, specifically when it comes to music. This is a great add-on I highly recommend anyone try out.

    I only have one small issue, and I'm not sure if it's only on my end. The app runs flawlessly most of the time, right-clicking gives the option to download the video as an MP3.

    For some reason, I sometimes have to refresh the page in order for this to show up. It's nothing major, but I hope this could be addressed before more comments saying "the App doesn't work" show up.
  • Doesn't work anymore.
  • Right click...nothing?
  • No problem so far with it. It's a simple right click, click yes on the download pop up box. Done. Just what I needed to grab copyright free material - easier than trying to find 100 websites.
  • Why does avast say its a bad add-on and that I should remove it?!? I used it before and it was easy to use.
  • It doesnt always work, one day it does and the other its like you never installed it.
  • I created a Mozilla account just to write this review. This Add-on is perfect.

    Easy to install
    Works without restart required
    Works on all videos <20mins long
    Right-click to DL

    Doesn't work on videos >20 mins
    Naming Encoding for '&' replaces with &
    Some videos just don't work (most do though)
  • Éste plugin se caracteriza por su simpleza y su excelente funcionamiento. Hace justo lo que se supone que debe hacer, ni más ni menos. Muy recomendable.
  • This add-on is bad, can't see anything.
  • Perfetto eccelente eccezionale
    Mi risparmia molto tempo nel scaricare musica
  • For those of you claiming it doesn't work, are you using script blocking addons?

    This addon uses youtube-mp3.org to process the video. It will not work unless you manually visit the site first, and allow that site to run scripts!

    After doing this, it should work as intended.
  • buono per connessioni lente!
  • long time ago the first addon was looks like working 100% now.
  • This add-on is AWESOME!!! easy right-click and select and the sound quality is the same as in the video (no sound quality loss)! This is the best (by far) add-on I've used!
  • Quick click and easy to use. By far the best youtube addon I have had yet as far as needing a quick mp3 dl goes.
  • Its working nice ...
  • Simple et efficace !!!