73 reviews for this add-on
  • The add-on generates a link which is then blocked by Malwarebytes.
  • اضافة رائعة ولكن ينقصها التحميل من المقاطع الطويلة
  • Hasn't worked now for about the last month, every attempted download page generates this message, "There is some Maintenance going on.
    Please try again within the next hour."
    Urgently needs to be fixed.
    Previously was always an absolutely reliable, very useful tool.
  • This is a great addon that once worked. It always worked and downloaded a high quality mp3 file. However, It doesn't work now. Hopefully it get's fixed.
    *Ubuntu Firefox*
  • I installed this a while ago and never used it. Now in reviewing my add-ons I found it and thought I'd try it. I did, three times. And nothing happened. At all. I'm removing it.
  • works or does not work. Seriously, what a piece of garbage.
  • Long time user of this addon. But not working brother :(
  • It is very simple and practical, but firefox blocked, and informs the message "can not be verified for use in Firefox and has been disabled."
    And now as we are?
  • It does NOTHING.
  • A 5 star app that doesn't no more.
    Let's see for how long...
  • used to work.
  • for some reason it doesnt work anymore would you be able to help with that please
  • Why do I have to go through an external website ?
    I already downloaded the song from youtube, why doyou make me go through some 3rd party website, wait and have ads displayed to me ?
  • easy and very helpful
  • Super! Good job!
  • Todo de manera simple Clic derecho y descargar como mp3. Nada puede ser mas sencillo que eso.
  • Tried like 5 so called add ons that would allow you to d/l a youtube video as mp3. this one did it.
  • Perfecto!!
  • I love the addon, I use it on firefox as my main browser, but I'd like to use it on Chrome, too. The link on their website is broken, does anyone have it?
    Please contact me if you can help.
  • small, and simple interface. beautiful does not add extra clutter like buttons to the screen, works from a context menu. LOVE IT!!!!
  • does not work any more from FF39 onward.
  • iIt's not 1 click for me, it doesn't show download as mp3 on the list. Do I have to change a setting or something?
  • Hey. So, unlike some other dudes, I checked your website once I had my first problem (my fourth video or so in a row). I noticed you guys were on maintenance or something and probably the reason why it wasn't working then.

    Now, if I may leave a suggestion:

    The add-on works perfectly but has poor interface. Please consider making a button - although I will prefer the context menu shortcut, I know most users won't. If there is some kind of issue going on in your site, I don't see a reason not to simply:

    alert("Hey! Our servers are currently under maintenance. Please try again within a few minutes.")

    That aside, wonderful addon. Also blazing fast conversion. Thank you for your great work.
  • Работает только на роликах продолжительностью до 20 минут