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  • I love the extension it's helping me out alot
  • This was working now it's not hope its fixed soon or on to greener pastures..
  • This does not work for embedded videos, which was the only reason why I installed this.
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  • solo falta
  • Mr developper, you should update your Legacy addon! Thanks very much ! Read this:
  • Broken with Youtube New Design
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  • No more manual change resolution. Automate HD. Perfect!!!
  • Nice! Simple! etc...thx.
  • An option to disable/enable Media Source Extensions and the ability to swap between the codec mp4/webm with vp8/VP9 would be interesting.
  • Ottima estensione. Il mio pc Acer, ormai datato ma perfettamente funzionante, non è in grado di riprodurre i video in HD. Con questa estensione è possibile visualizzare i video sempre in 480p. In questo modo posso godermi i video senza che vadino a scatti e con la miglior risoluzione compatibile con il mio pc
  • The HD feature works nicely, the autoplay stop could be better though. Instead of not loading the video at all, the video starts playing and then stops, so you can still hear the beginning of it (and with some videos that may be very distracting). It's still better than nothing, but I hope this feature is improved in the future.
  • It works great, even in beta versions of Firefox with multi-processes enabled.

  • Does exactly what I need it to. This would be even better if you added the option to control the volume at startup.
  • Probably the only autopause extension that works AT THIS MOMENT and with YT's new experimental player, so for that I am grateful. Though it does need improvements; the video pauses inconsistently anywhere from one to five seconds in. The goal here should be so that it doesn't start to play at all. This goes for the new and old YT players.

    I'd assume the auto-HD part works. IIRC YouTube already has this option, but this extension allows you to set a specific priority, which is nifty. I personally never have problems loading 1080p/60FPS so I am unable to test how well this priority system works.

    3 Stars for basic functionality and usefulness. Could use improvements. Inevitably, HTML5 updates will break the autopause function for any extension like this, so I can only hope the author keeps on top of patches.
  • While loading video, blink about 1 sec, HTML5 error message, please fix this bug! Thanks! (Firefox 38.0)
  • Suddnely Disable Autoplay feature stopped working on 480 quality, my laptop is not very fast so can that quality is the best for me without lagging but suddenly only qualities of 720 and higher will work along Disable Autoplay, no matter how many times disable & reactivate the plugin I have the same problem.
  • Good plugin, works well.
    Can you please add the option to apply the resolution changes also to embedded youtube videos on other sites?
    This feature is already implemented, however it may not work if videos are not embedded in a normal way.
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