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  • You are the man for making this. Top kudos to you friend.

    I had to use this because Google forces HTML5 on Youtube now, and low and behold, forced standardization has issues, I wasn't able to view video at anything other then 360p, thanks to this add-on, I can view everything again.
    I would like to point out to other reviewers that its not Firefox thats forcing HTML5, its Google.

    Firefox is FOSS meaning, while its developer friendly, it lets you use what YOU want to use (be it flash, HTML5, Silver light, etc) I recently switched from Chrome to Firefox, and I have to say, I like it much more considering Chrome and Google were making HTML standard on everything, and were disabling silverlight (which is a plug-in many thing rely on). So up Google, and thank you based Mozilla.
  • Simple & works. Also, people got it the other way around. It is youtube who is checking which browser version you are using to access its site & then forcing html5 as default when ever possible. You can trick youtube by spoofing which version of firefox you use (ver. 36 & earlier will still get flash by default) by using a user agent spoofer too.
  • This is a life saver. Due to firefox forcing everyone to use HTML recently any videos I watched on youtube would stutter. It was a pain in the butt. Thank goodness for this.
  • Just like a few reviewers before me, I installed this add-on out of necessity to make YouTube work again. Luckily, it does the trick!
  • Buttsaver. Firefox 37.0.2 broke YouTube by insisting on Html5 video player. This addon does exactly what it says, as well as install a button on the toolbar to give you total control over your video player. Works a treat, and I'm delighted with it.
  • Just works™ — for some reason, HTML5 video in YouTube does absolutely nothing (this is Windows 8.1 Pro) and this add-on makes YouTube work again without having to resort to MSIE.

    Interestingly, it comes as a toolbar button, so you can temporarily revert to HTML5 every so often to see if Mozilla have got their act together yet :-P
  • Works good !

  • Savior !
    5.1 Sound is working via flash , not via HTML. This fixes it by forcing flash back into youtube ! Excellent !
  • Just updated Firefox to 37.0.1 and 'YouTube Flash Video Player' 36.1 running fine here (no error message mentioned by another user).
  • works great, thanks!
  • Does what it says on the tin. You are a saint.
  • Youtube kept playing video's using the HTML5 player, even though I wanted to use flash, since the HTML5 player used >80% cpu and videos had all sorts of buffering and stuttering problems, forcing them to play in Flash with this add-on brought cpu usage down to <20% while playing smoothly in 1080p@60fps.

    I guess the default player is HTML5, even though the youtube.com/html5 would suggest HTML 5 is the alternative to "use default player"
  • Thanks!
  • Thanks! You made my work so easy!
  • Perfect since Version 33.3 :)
  • I use it and found it awesome!!! Works great for Reddit, too.
    A must-have add-on, combined perfectly with Firefox.
  • Çok başarılı buldum....
  • The success of this add-on speaks volumes about the viability of Flash and HTML5... at least for now. Android Lollipop and even KitKat are giving me a lot of grief thanks to the decision to switch away from a framework that supports that mobile plugin, so I welcome it on my desktop wherever it's available.
  • In Windows 10, Firefox (nightly build) wasn't able to use Windows's H.264 codec. VP9 is open source and good but I couldn't play some Youtube videos with it. With this tool, all Youtube videos can be played with Flash player. Thank you to developer
  • Thanks was looking for such add-on since long time as HTML5 doesn't work flawlessly
  • awesome