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  • Not work.
  • always good.
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  • On a windows 10 computer this add on will not work to play YouTube videos using Firefox Quantum. I suspect other versions of windows and Firefox are effected as well.
  • Somehow, now I can watch 1080p60 without stuttering...
  • It is now IMPOSSIBLE for this add-on to work. YouTube/Google has completely removed the flash video feature from YouTube, there is no possible way this addon is doing anything, it's not like it could auto-convert the stream to flash video on the fly.....so why the heck are there still people giving this thing 5 star "good" and "ok" reviews? I think the fact that most of them are "anonymous users" may be a clue....
  • me cago en esta mierda por Dios
  • 安装不了
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  • This add-on appears to work by telling YouTube that none of its video formats / file types will play back in its HTML5 player. That **used** to trigger YouTube's Flash player to load. But, YouTube has **completely removed** its Flash player code from its site, so now, all this add-on will do is cause YouTube's HTML5 player to display a message that the browser doesn't recognize any of the video formats available.

    So I'm unclear as to why this add-on is still getting updates... since there doesn't appear to be any way it can work?

    Unless there is some user agent trick or some other trick I don't know about... but then, if there is, that should be built into the plugin, shouldn't it?
  • 很好
  • Baris, please update the plugin! Yotube made changes, and now it can not block HTML5. Red button with "f" disappeared.
  • Some day, Baris, if it hasn't come yet, you'll make something cool and people will say "Hey, this is super useful" :)
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  • muy buena
  • 想測試看看能不能用手機用東西
  • مشكور لكم