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184 reviews for this add-on
  • Great Addon, been using it for ages and it helps me so much to achieve decent sound on my surround setup. I nearly had a heartattack when flash stopped working entirely last week. Thank you for such a fast update!

  • Bagus

  • 1) FlashtoHTML5:
    To play videos above 360p in firefox make sure the following is set to true

    For Firefox go to about:config and ensure all of the following are set to True:


    Html5 lag fix
    layers.acceleration.force-enabled set it to true.

    If u want to play any video in flash instead of html5 change video url from „watch?v=” to „v/”


    (copy past in tab, direct link not work!!!)

    source: "!topic/youtube/CUaTWvKhAuE "

    Install YouTube Flash Player plugin and install greasemonkey scripts

    Enjoy )

  • 2.0.1beta01 doesn't work. At all. More - you cannot play any videos.

  • YouTube is owned and run by a bunch of spineless cunts, mate.

    HTML5 is a crock of shite that burns my CPU. Fuck the lot of them.

  • blocks html but doesn't play flash player; worthless

  • no funciona

  • I have a friend who markets via YouTube, and about 2 weeks ago, after an 'unauthorized' Microsoft push (actually deeply (5 levels down of checking and unchecking boxes), I couldn't watch anything.

    You've done it, mate! Thank you. Works perfectly.

  • Excelente!!!!!!!

  • Muy útil

  • Sin problemas. usar tranquilo en Debian 8

  • ddddddd

  • quality of all videos get ramped down even if it wasn't uoloaded as 60fps video so i will mostly this for listening to music as video footage being like its less than 30fps wont bother me but when trying to watch anything the video footage isn't as smooth

  • Good

  • d

  • Nice

  • Fantastic, YouTube videos are playing again instead of the endless loading circle with HTML5, also videos on other websites. Before, Firefox wouldn't play any video at all. Thanks a lot.

  • C x

  • It's simple design makes this add-on simply the best out of all the "Disable HTML5" add-ons.

    I use this to watch HD videos at 30 FPS instead of 60, and with other add-ons, I have to click 2 or 3 buttons to disable HTML5, and another 2 or 3 buttons to enable it. It might not seem like a big deal, but over time, (as little as it is) such an unnecessary effort gets boring. With this Add-On, you can just click once to disable it, and click one more time to enable it. No extra menu, nothing. This is my favourite add-on on Firefox.

  • My firefox wouldn't play ANY videos and this addon solved the problem. Thank you so much!

  • This one works.... for now.
    I was using another one which has stop to work yesterday. It was the only in existence when I found it about 18months ago. It work fine apart the annoying reloading after the first 2sec of any clip it started. This one here does not seem to have that annoying feature ;)
    Knowing this, I would have switch to this one way sooner!
    Good work!!

  • previously not play video, but now everything is working

  • i've been using this add-on since firefox switched to html5 and it works perfectly with low latency

  • El plugin me funciona perfectamente

  • Perfect way to make what corporate pricks ruin work.