185 reviews for this add-on
  • ok
  • Not available to use in Canada?
  • simple dan bagus
  • not working, nothing
  • Škodlivá aplikace, která vás sleduje a vnucuje Yahoo, nicméně občas něco i stáhne.

    From the about page:

    This addon utilizes cookies to track users across the web and generate small revenue whenever possible by it being installed on a user's browser

    Note: Default search will be forwarded to Yahoo upon accepting monetistion of Addon"
  • Worthless cunt...
  • USER BEWARE! Wants to change your start page and force you into monetization "features" in order to use it. DELETED.
  • not working
  • Does nothing
  • Doesn't work
  • n consegui usar de jeito maneira
  • Changes the search engine to "bsearch" which routes the search through "www.theeleganteyelashes.com" to ask.com.

    This is adware.
  • Doesn't work, and wants to change your default search engine to some bullshit. Don't install.
  • Button is dead.
  • shit.
  • Doesnt even work. Total shit.
  • Uhhh - Njiet.
    I can handle some ads, but you ain't snooping on my machine or redirecting my searches.
    Don't download!
    It's probably made by the KGB ;)
  • The best of the best. Easy to use.
  • Access your data for all websites
  • so easy to download
  • Does not work in Canada
  • Tout allait bien jusqu'à aujourd'hui. Dorénavant, mon pays / localisation n'est plus prise en charge ? C'est fort dommage, parce que bien que l'esthétique ait toujours laissé à désirer, tout allait très bien. Tant pis, je trouverais un module plus joli et qui fonctionne.
  • Nice work
  • Fine all perfect