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  • Works perfectly to download audio and videos. Btw, the download option is in your menu bar, not the button near the video. I'd give this five stars if it were a local app since these kinds of remote products can expire or be removed without any intervention from the end user. An app that works from my side would be five stars. However this works perfectly for now. Thx
  • Stupid and scam. It's bring you to its convert site and do something suspicious. I won't believe this kind of add on anymore.
    Sure, the conversion has to be done with a webserver, MP3 conversion with a pure extension is impossible. If you think it's stupid, feel free to develop a better one.
  • so cool
  • Adds a donate button not a download button really lame
    No, the Download button is at the suitable place beside the video action buttons. The donate button is an optional thing.
  • very nice
  • Just installed this extension after trying a couple of similar ones.
    I decided to download this one because, besides good ratings, the author answered to some reviewer something like this: "Sorry, but your "review" is nonsense...", so I decided to use it because I like straightforward speak in an age of political correctness.
    This extension works great. It gives you a button that looks like it could've come from YouTube (I mean it's not some blinking fluorescent red gif monstrosity) that, when clicked prompts you to choose whether you want audio (mp3) or video (mp4). Upon choosing it converts the video and offers you to download (or: Share, Save to dropbox, Listen, Convert another video).
    Completely free, though if it continues to works this smoothly I'll donate.
  • Very clean User interface, very simple and quick. It blends in very well with YouTube. Its not a huge and obnoxious button that says DOWNLOAD VIDEO NOW and then takes you to a site with virus and ads. Highly recommend this if your looking for a YouTube download button.
  • Super sencilla, funciona perfecto.
  • thank
  • The add-on is quick and easy to use, and the downloaded audio/music is kept in a good quality (192kbps).

    The website has a feature to add tags to downloaded audio files (e.g. artist name and song name) to allow easier file sorting, but it'd be nice if the extension had the option to add these automatically so there's one less page to go through when downloading the file - this is an excellent add-on otherwise.
  • Tancks!!
  • Good
  • very good
  • excelente
  • This Add-on inserts a Donate-Button next to the Subscribe-Button, making it seem as if you support the content creator on YouTube. Instead it's a link to a Patreon page without any information on it.

    The downloader used to work well, but shady tactics like this shouldn't be supported.
    Why just one star? It's in the description, that it's support for our add-ons.
  • Hi and big Thanx ! Can't convert video!
    Sorry, the video uploader has blocked this video in several countries, so there is no conversion possible.
  • super věc. rychlý jako blesk.
  • Happy
  • good app
  • برنامج رائع
  • macht das was es soll, perfekt :)
    ist sauschnell und in guter Qualität [192kB/s]
  • Durante l'installazione ha chiesto che fosse installata una ulteriore estensione (YTD SUpport) che il devirus ESET node ha subito bloccato al primo utilizzo cone indirizzo segnalato. Disattivato YTD Support l'estensione ha comunque funzionato correttamente. Credo che il componente aggiuntivo sia per finanziamento. Non sarebbe meglio chiedere un obolo libero periodicamente come fanno la maggioranza dei programmi seri, piuttosto che mettere il cpu degli utenti in balia di gente senza scrupoli? AL primo uso se non mi ha combinato casini del computer era quanto chiedevo al programma.
  • Sehr gute Erweiterung.
  • I've been using this for a while now and although the redirect [?] page showing the process is in German, it's easy enough to decipher what the extension is doing. Some videos won't download, but that's because of YouTube itself, not the add-on.