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  • не со всеми видео срабатывает
  • Malware!
  • Hat mich leider nicht so überzeugt. Danke trotzdem.
  • Great app guys, downloaded really quickly, easy to use. Now WTF is it? Nobody asked me where to keep the video and I'm not going to take 10 minutes looking for it. Going.
  • Firefox 52
    Sehe keinen Download knopf, nirgends
  • muy buen complemento, te permite descargar mp3 y mp4 con facilidad. aunque tiene mucha publicidad
  • Lo de bajar un mp3 con un click no es tan cierto. te envia a otra pagina de descarga que tiene publicidad.
  • Die Zeit für die Datenübertragung nicht wert.
  • this addons is of very poor quality . after downloading and installing the addons no effect take place.after installing it yet showing +addtoaddons . what the nonsense . i have donloaded this addons 2 times but no effect takes place.
  • Title says it all. It compressed a 80MB video to 8 MB when it downloaded. But most of the time it didn't even let download, just took me to its own site and kept redirecting me to all over the web. Don't install if you love your privacy and don't wanna get virus, trojan etc on your machine. I will give the least possible, 1 star.
  • There is nothing true in bad comments. Even that do you know what is a hacker anyway? Is useful on to go. Recommend!
  • Страхотна добавка! :)
  • Abusa da publicidade.
    I remove the Pub
  • This hacker writes malicious code that will infect your browser.
  • The addon works as intended, but could use some more conversion options to video.

    The application works by leading you from youtube page to a download site where you select quality of your video, then the site converts the file quickly and gives you download links after it is done.

    It goes trough adf.ly link to get funds for creators, which I think is okay in my mind and then gives you the proper download.

    Only thing I wish to see in the site is more conversion options to video files. FLV is hardly usable by the regular user and the site should offer at least MP4 conversion aswell (Default option even).
  • SPAM BEWARE! This app tries to force you to download an EXE file which will SUPPOSEDLY enable you to download a converted youtube>MP3 file... BEWARE, remove this rubbish app! You have been warned.
  • Malo. No puedo descargar desde Youtube porque siempre hay un problema con el copyrightBad. I can't download from Youtube because there's a problem with the copyright
  • This program does not do what it preports to do. What it claims is it will make an mp3 file for you. Wrong! You must go through 4 hoops, and download other software before you can use. Bad BAd BAD!
  • The download button just redirects you to the converter site www.mp3convert.me that is when you then want to download the mp3 file it redirects you to another site once more where you have to get rid of the ad to begin the download :/ quite a fucking process
  • Works great for me, considering it brings a new page up it goes faster then expected, songs sound great, no pop ups, wonderfull.
  • I had a youtube video open when I installed it & automatically said "Illegal operation on Wrapped Native prototype object". I removed it immediately.
  • Causes the error "Illegal operation on WrappedNative prototype object" to be thrown in a popup on every page, even those without Flash.
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