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  • Cool friend
  • The best youtube downloader
  • It's a pitty that it can't download 1080p with audio but I guess it is a limitation from youtube. I used before an external software to merge the files but now I'm just downloading at lower resolution what works fine for me.
  • not bad, not good. works fine, but downloads at very slow speeds
  • Very good, allowed me to download up to 720p with audio, more than any other addon available in amo gallery
  • Loving it. Tried others but was downloading a particular video only at 480. Tried this extension and was able to download full HD. Thanks to developer.
  • this add on stops youtube working all together since yesterday
  • It works just perfect for me. Installed the last version (2.8) so I can't talk about older ones.
  • Thanks for this great Add-On!
    However, I have to disable it on Ubuntu 18.10 to be able to watch streams like e.g. https://www.phoenix.de/livestream.html. Othervice the sound is bad with voices like from trash alien films.
  • I've had trouble with pages not displaying properly for a good while. It has taken a while to track YouTube Download Helper 2.6 down as the culprit. Disabling it was not enough to stop the problem - had to disable and then restart Firefox.
  • After the "2018 update" breaks other sites.
    For instance, renders GitHub unusable (cannot fetch recent commits, "Create commit" button is never enabled), breaks mouse wheel zooming functionality on certain map viewers.
    It took me a while to figure out this very addon is after all of it, because it didn't make any sense. However, disabling it alone fixes everything I've described.
    DO NOT USE the current version (at the time of my writing), unless you want random sites appear broken for no reason.
  • Interfering with copy&paste ability on twitter.com
  • use 2.5 ver, all its good. No preview issues. i use ff 62.0.3
  • 2.6 and 2.7 incorrect handle images, for example aliexpress.com
  • Since version 2.4 this addon breaks many websites because, for some unknown reason, the author added some code to rewrite the User Agent of the browser on youtube.com but the comparison that checks that the current page is youtube.com is wrong (== -1 instead of != -1), so it applies to all other websites except youtube.
  • The best option to download video and audio from youtubes
  • With this addon installed I can't use google document anymore, i have to disable it.
  • I don't advise installing this addon, its just a YouTube downloader and it requires "Access to your data for all websites;" It also broke netflix for me so that's another negative.
  • I love the new option to download mp3, much better than before. IT seems to be faster and I can choose the quality of the file.
  • Nice one
  • Podem adicionar tranquilos :)
  • Unmatched youtube downloader. Imo the best solution since Firefox Quantum.
  • Indeed the best downloader for youtube. Up to 720p video with audio (like all the other extensions), if you want 1080p quality then you need to merge it by yourself.
  • Oct 12, 2018 update broke my entire youtube. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1236839

    Confirmed that disabling this add-on fixed my Youtube and the issue only started happening after Oct 13 update. Ironic that a Youtube "Helper" add-on broke youtube

    edit: Oct 14th update resolves the issue. Only real downside I can find with this add-on (and all like it, so I think it's a limitation on Youtube's end?) is that I can't download anything higher than 720p VIDEO. It only lets me download 1080p and higher webm and mp4s with no audio which doesn't really get me what I want.
    Please try the latest version. I couldn't reproduce your issue but it should be fixed with the last version (2.5). Thank you for using this addon.
    EDIT: Yes I'm aware of this limitation. The only way to get 1080p is to download the video and the audio and merge it using external software. I'm currently working on a solution but it won't be simple and it would require to have FFmpeg installed on the user side anyway, which won't be as user-friendly as I would like to. Still thinking if add this feature to this extension or have it as a separate addon for advanced users.