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  • Doesn't work.
  • It seems to be originally included in Firefox ver. 49.0.2 (and some lower versions probably):
    But setting true/false seems to do nothing...

    Another command built-in Firefox:
    false - always stop autoplay
    true - video opened in new tab is buffered only in background and start play automatically only after you view the tab. Opened in the same tab start play automatically.

    Last way is use addon YouTube ALL HTML5 which have option to always stop autoplay or stop only in background (work like media.autoplay.enabled but not play automatically, play button must be pressed).
  • No work
  • No work
  • "This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox".
  • trash
  • Doesn´t work and opens a deadlink tab
    Doesn't stop UTube autoplay, but opens deadlinks! Don't install
  • Malware. Users note it opens another tab when U close it & have 2 disable java 2 get rid of it = this is illegal.
  • This add-on doesn't work under Firefox 31.0. It installs, but Youtube videos still play automatically.

    When you un-install the add-on, it opens a dead link:
  • It opens a url, which has a nasty javascript something which opens another tab when you close it. Need to disable javascript to get rid of it!
  • Stop working, looks like it have been neglected - DON'T TRY !
  • гн
  • Yep. It USED to work but "USED" is the operative word, here. What it USED to do does not do a thing to fix the problem, today, and has not worked for a few months, now.
  • Don't bother installing Youtube AutoPlay Stopper no longer works with the new updated Youtube layout for Firefox v18 but I have found another Firefox add-on that does same thing called 'SmartVideo' by Ashish and go to preference then tick the "Save Bandwidth" box and now all the Youtube videos will stop auto playing until you are ready to press play button. Enjoy!
  • this was a great addon but youtube has disabled it so you get to watch their adds which are set to play before videos
  • R.I.P. Grizzly Ape
  • Не работает!!!
  • Doesn't work!
  • stopped working about 2 or 3 days ago.
  • It is not working!
  • Идея хорошая, но расширение глючное: частенько видео не начинает воспроизводиться при нажатии кнопки воспроизведения, при этом аудио прекрасно воспроизводится без возможности его остановить.
  • Stops video play, but not sound. If I had to choose, I'd rather it stopped sound instead. Please fix.
  • Не работает! Видео останавливает, но звук продолжает играть. Исправьте пожалуйста.
    Win7, Mozilla Firefox 11.0
    Does not work! Video stops but the sound continues to play! Fix please.
    Win7, Mozilla Firefox 11.0
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