96 reviews
  • Nice extension. Ty
  • Redondant pour une seule raison :
    Ce projet devrait être intégré à une autre extension, comme "Enhancer for YouTube" ou quelque chose comme ça...
  • Does not work. Network monitor still registers video stream downloads after the extension is activated. The only difference is the overlay appears that tells you video streams are disabled.
  • 1 star for permissions for all websites.
  • This is a MUST for those that listen to music and podcast on youtube. Thanks for this useful addon!
  • Great extension i realy enjoy.
  • Works great as promised so far :) !
  • Dobry dodatek do YouTube .
  • Funciona, por lo menos en el uso de CPU que era bastante alto y levantaba teperatura RECOMENDADO.
  • Would like for this extension to only apply to my music playlists. A blacklist, maybe, which you fill yourself with stuff you don't want video on?