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64 reviews for this add-on
  • I love the software, it doesn't slow firefox down for me. It reminds me of the mobile version of YouTube a little. There is one thing I would change though. If you open a new video, it should close the one you already have open out, and you should add an x button at the top for when it's minimized so you can close it out without having to maximize it again.

  • This extension is perfect for my need

  • Very Very good add-on
    What a pity I think or I've got something overlooked-that the player fixed on the
    remains eg Youtube page and not change to a new Websites.
    Still useable 5 stars for the good work
    lg Abendstern

  • That's useful and interesting software!

  • good add-on.
    A nice feature would be to be able to move the video's location by grabbing it and moving to new location on screen/s

  • Very interesting and updatest software!

  • Dobry player! Polecam, very good!

  • в целом понятно - для чего, зачем, когда и т.п., и в общем делает, и хорошо,
    но нафига нужна такая куча ненужных опций??
    да еще половина которых нафиг не нужна, а вторую не отключишь?
    например: нахрена нужны скругления, все равно не уберешь, и прочая непонятная шняга типа backlight effect...dark...refresh,
    кому надо, чтобы сзади переливалось кислотным лиловым? буээ..

    почти безупречно сделано в, как это в идеале должно выглядеть

    полгода пользую, все жду когда автор повзрослеет

  • Works great with several options of how you want to view.

  • The addon works great every time, no crashes and no resource-intensive. does pretty good what it says it does.

    BUT there are a few things that might be good to add.
    -Make the player visible through all tabs, not only the one where the video was opened.
    -Make the player follow the border of the browser (if you open a video with the browser maximized and then you resize it, the video will get lost)
    -Make the player able to drag.

  • It's very nice, but I can't really see the point of it...

    I was thinking it would be something like a pop-out player so that you can actually use other sites while watching a vid.

    Five stars anyway for a very minimal and sexy looking vid player :-)

  • I'd love it I'd love it I'd love it! It's such a great way to watch a video without leaving at the page you're on.

    But can you add an option in the setting to choose, when you open a video into new tab like middle-click a link also launch the addon player as well? Because sometime, you may want to read the comments or see the full list of recommended videos after watching a video, right?

    So, by having that option, one can also open a new tab with the addon open together for the reason mentioned above or one can just right click a link without leaving a page to watch a video as usual.

    Now with that I can completely replaced the crappy default youtube player altogether with this awesome addon player when I'm surfing on youtube ^.^

    ps: Somehow, the context search item of the right click menu was place on the very top how can I put it to the bottom of the menu?


    Developer response


    That's exactly the reason as to why the Minimize button was added, to be able to continue reading some article while the video is playing. May you missed that button? It's on the upper-right corner (partly greyed out)

    As for the context-menu item position, it's set before the Node with ID 'context-sep-viewbgimage', which cannot be changed atm, i'll add that to my TODO list.

    Thanks for your review.

  • Good job

  • This is awesome add-on, but auto play would be nice.

    Developer response

    Auto-Play works for YouTube videos and some other streaming sites, not all of them cause of lack of support from the sites itself.

  • He stop playing 1080p via google (youtube links).

    Developer response

    That is most likely related to recent issues with YouTube itself rather than the add-on. :-/

  • Not bad at all.. actually really useful !!!! i recomend !!

  • Very nice addon! Works as expected!

  • Make the minimized window follow you across different tabs and you've just made the greatest add-on ever!

  • Nice addon, haven't encountered any bugs yet. I have a few requests though. Can you add an option to autoselect video quality (maybe also player size, depending on quality)? I would also like to change icon to the official youtube one, it fits pretty well. I tried it with css but was unsuccessful, so an option would be nice.

    Developer response

    Hi, try using this CSS:

    background: url(// no-repeat;padding-left: 18px

    It'll look this way:

    Also, version 2.5 includes HD playback support (not exactly what you wanted, but kind of)

  • Works like charm, just as intended, but as always, there is always something wrong, i can't ctrl+click (or double click) to open the link in a new tabSolution : Catch clicks only when no ctrl is pressed, or offer an option, so the addon works on Ctrl/Shift/Both+Click
    Edit : MMB isn't always available on a laptop, and sometimes ctrl+click or double clicking is easier and faster

    Developer response

    I just use MMB when i want to open links on a new tab.

    Edit: You're right, i forgot about that. Well, version 2.4.1 just released and doing what you want.

  • Works as intended!

  • So perfect!

  • Preface:
    When you launch youtube video in Firefox, but do not and do not want have adobe flash player installed, it immediately displays a WARNING of REQUIREMENT of flash player.

    However this is a LIE, because you can play ANY YOUTUBE video as WebM. As a proof - replace youtube link "watch?v=" with "embed/".
    For example, replace:


    To combat youtube flash dependecy I have tried, and they failed:
    - html5 program join
    - install x264 (although you might need it indirectly)
    - wildfox
    - object2iframe
    ---- all failed.

    When I installed this addon and set it up, it automagically opened embeded link and so I can view WebM free format at it should be.

    This addon is musthave and its developer will recieve money from us!

  • Good addon for me

  • works perfect, lovely new features!