71 reviews
  • Приложение отличное. Единственное - блокирует меню на странице блогера. Приходится отключать, но это не проблема. Хорошо било бы если бы была кнопка, чтоб для временного отключения не приходилось заходить в меня.
    В остальном все просто отлично.
  • exelente
  • Gracias, Salud
  • It does stop the ads, but it also breaks some of youtubes function, like the channel menu at the top of the page. I do wish it had settings to filter out different ad types and how aggressive it filters.
  • Super*OK!!!!!
  • Great addon!
  • Addon is bugged. Blocks useful features such as comment box or user's name. Deleted and will never use it.
  • This add-on disables the comment fields on YT videos. Must disable this add-on to comment. Five-star blocker in terms of blocking performance if it didn't disable comment fields. Removed add-on to use blockers I don't have to manage. Good blocker though. Hate to see it go :/
  • nice