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Privacy Policy

Pastes submitted to will be public visable. You have the option to make a paste only visable by direct linking. YourPaste will never spread your paste or other stored information. YourPaste logs your ipadress when you paste, place a comment or create a account. A cookie is stored on your pc with a unique identification hash, to link pastes to you when you arent logged in. We can use your ipadress to ban you from YourPaste when you broke our rules. In the worst case we contact your provider to inform them about your abuse.

Passwords on YourPaste are one way hashed. We can never see your password. Your email address is never sold or spreat to others, you hate probably spam, we hate it too.

We can never garantee that your information is never leaked to the internet by a technical problem, however we try what we can to prevent that.

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