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  • Thank you for adding the ability to remove specific videos marking. But… the "watched" mark reverts back after a while, I suppose that's because of the regular checking of the youtube account. Maybe it would be possible to check only newly watched videos (since last check for example) ?
  • Sometimes some videos that I haven't seen yet are marked as "watched".
    hi netspike,

    thank you for you message. i have not heard of such issues before, do the videos that are erroneously marked show up in the youtube history? https://www.youtube.com/feed/history

    thank you - simon
  • Exactly what I was looking for. All videos are marked.
  • Works well but I wish it had the ability to hide watched videos so that they don't clutter up the subscriptions feed.
  • Hi! Pleasse make the "opacity" slider or the "background-color" option for /* yourect watched fadeout */
  • Simple and working!

    If one day, you could add a list of all watched videos, would be even more great.
  • simple and elegant and works, what more could you want?
  • great and superb
  • Update:
    (04.01.2020) Add-on still works but I too have recently run into bug? creating double thumbnails. Few people complained about add-on being broken. Actulaly the problem is with youtube's new layout not add-on.
    Simple solution for it is adding "f6=8" value (without quotes) to a PREF cookie, r creating PREF cookie with this value if you don't have one already.
    That value will change youtube layout to old layout.

    Original review:
    Add-on itself is very useful as it makes my life much easier.
    However, I tend to open several videos at once and then watch them. I have noticed that add-on marks videos as watched the moment I open them in new tab, without actually hitting the play button.
    It would make much more sense, for me anyway, if the add-on marked videos as watched after I watched them, not before.
    hi yaku,

    thank you for your feedback, i understand your concerns. however, there might be some users who stop watching certain movies a minute or two before they are over because they might contain advertisements. in this case, the video would not be marked as watched, contrary to what they expect. handling this issue is thus quite a challenge.

    thank you - simon
  • it does what its supposed to .
    what more to say ?
    youtube is garbage and this addon is covering the smell and making it bearable

  • been searching for fix of this youtube issue for a while, this addon seems to do the trick
  • Fixed my problem with default youtube not marking my videos as Watched.
  • Scoured the net searching for this particular thing. This is the best among others that offer the same features. I hope it will continue to be updated. Thanks dev.
  • my issue is i have an error while press authorize key, says :
    401. That’s an error.

    Error: deleted_client

    The OAuth client was deleted.
    Request Details


    That’s all we know.

    this issue in Version 1.8.1, i need to work with this Version, so please solve this issue. Thanks again.
    hi ayam,

    thank you for bringing this up. please make sure that you have the newest version of the addon. the most recent updated does not need a login anymore and is thus even more convenient to use.

    thank you - simon

    edit: i just saw that you are required to use version 1.8.1 - unfortunately however, google does not provide access to the watch history via their api anymore - i am therefore sorry to say that i have no possibility to bring this feature back into the previous version: https://code.google.com/p/gdata-issues/issues/detail?id=4642#c83
  • Works really well, could use one more feature though. The ability to right click a video and mark it as watched.
  • Very helpful. I hope you keep this updated/working, since it's an history feature, so the use will be good if it lasts long.
  • I watch Youtube videos quite randomly and tend to follow Youtube's 'suggestions.' Oftentimes those include videos that I've already watched. This add-on saves the hassle of guestimating - have I already seen this. I've used chrome to watch Youtube channels since there is a functionally similar extension "Better Youtube History." But that extension is not updated anymore and some of it's functionality is broken.
    Some observations:
    When I left click a video picture (in the suggested video list) the video gets marked but does not open. I need to click it again in order to play it. This happens when the current video is playing (when it is paused - the new video will open immediately). If I click a video title instead then the new video will start regardless of the current state.
    hi prejudiced,

    thank you very much for your review. i highly appreciate your feedback and i just uploaded a new version that has yet to be reviewed by the mozilla addon team. this new version should resolve the issue with videos that are being marked but not opened.

    thanks again - simon
  • Unfortunately, there are still some videos that it doesn't mark as watched even though I watched them, but it performs leagues better than the preexisting YouTube algorithm for marking videos as watched. My only real complaints, however, are that I don't know how to uninstall without losing my timeline, as the addon warns once installed. Lastly, it adds a somewhat annoying "watched" symbol in the corner of the video when not in fullscreen.

    EDIT: I don't know how to reply to the response, so I'm editing this review. So far, I've encountered the bug with videos on Techmoan's channel (tech review - cameras, music players, etc), as some of the videos I've watched don't get marked. It seems to be a few recent videos plus some older ones, sorry for not knowing anything else.
    hi anew,

    thank you very much for your review. i highly appreciate your feedback. is there any particular category of videos that are occasionally not being marked? i would like to address this issue and would therefore have to track the scope of the problem.

    you can by the way always use the export feature to save a backup of your history. once you for example setup a new computer and install the addon again, you can likewise simply import the history again.

    i will think about making the watched symbol in the corner of the video configurable, such that it can optionally be hidden. other people might be annoyed by it as well.

    thanks again - coderect

    edit: thank you very much again and sorry for my late response. i just uploaded a new version that has yet to be reviewed by the mozilla addon team. this new version might resolve the issue with some of the videos not being marked appropriately. it furthermore moves the watched marker outside of the currently playing video such that it should be less noticeable.
  • I watch playlists in chronological order that often have 100+ videos in them, but sometimes I would take a break and not watch any for a couple weeks. By that time Youtube's own watch history feature has forgotten my last watched videos, so I kept bookmarks to know where I left off. That became cluttery very quickly, so I've always wanted a little tool that does a better job.

    All of the ones I've tried before this were unreliable or only marked videos in the subscription box overview, which I never use. Youtube Watchmarker marks videos as watched site-wide, not only in the subscription box, and has not let me down since I've started using it.
    The interface is clean and easy to understand, and it feels light-weight and doesn't slow down my browser.

    Just so glad I found this add-on, thank you for making it!
    hi jac,

    thank you very much for kind words. i highly appreciate your feedback and am happy to see that you are able to make good use of the addon.

    thanks again - simon