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  • Awesone, you open the video and automatically it is greyed out but it would be more awesome if we could manually mark the video as watched witout actually open the video.
  • Five stars for using screenshots of Kyde & Eric's channel. The add-on is good too. Wish it didn't mark livestreams as watched while they're still going, only once they are over and archived in their entirety.
  • Essential for youtube.
    In rare cases marks not watched videos as watched.
  • Некоторые видеоролики, которые я еще не видел, отмечены как «watched».

    Some videos that I haven't seen yet are marked as "watched".
    You seem to be the only user with this issue. Keep in mind that if you watch a video from a different device using the same Google account, it will be marked as watched as well. Please feel free to look at the code and issue a pull request on Github in case you find a bug.

    - Simon
  • Great AddOn but it stopped working today.
    Here is what happened, maybe someone can help me: today I ran CCleaner and then no more videos were marked.
    I tried to reinstall the Addon, I tried to reboot the PC but both didnt work. I then tried to use the History Synchronize button and it says "synchronizing with history" but the progress stays at 0 and the "close"button is greyed out and I cant click it. I am desperate and I dont know what to do anymore :/

    edit: ty for the fast response. Problem is fixed!
    I would not recommend using CCleaner, it seems to delete files that it should not. Please see: https://github.com/sniklaus/youtube-watchmarker/issues/9

    - Simon
  • Great and a"must have" addon for Youtube users.

    Feature request:
    Add a feature that it removes watched from the https://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions when the video is marked as a watched. Give users a options when it removes them (when the video is full watched, 50% watched and so on).
  • Simple and works like a charm.

    Essential for anybody who is really into YouTube.
  • Not sure it works permanently. Old videos I've watched are not being marked.

    I'm looking for an extension that permanently stores YouTube history, and this seems to be a decent but imperfect solution.
    The extension does what you are asking for. However, your history of watched videos cannot come out of nowhere. Thus, if you did not synchronize the extension with your browser history (your browser history could be incomplete) or YouTube (you may not be logged in) then you will not see old videos marked as watched.

    - Simon
  • TOP!! Works fine!
  • Just what I was looking for. A way to keep my YouTube watch history locally, while making sure YouTube doesn't keep my watch history.
  • Thank you for making this addon for firefox. its working so far, this is the firefox version that im using (57.0 - 64bit)
  • My comment from about 2 weeks ago seems to have been deleted?


    It used to work without a problem. A few weeks ago it has however started to be faulty (maybe after the last Mozzila update).

    Not all the videos I've watched are marked as watched. The funny thing is that once I click again on one of the watched videos not marked as watched, then all the ones that haven't been marked as watched, become marked as watched. I have to do it every time.

    Here is the screencast of my problem: https://we.tl/XBnZ1AKIzl

    UPDATE: Simon, I've done what you suggested but it hasn't solved the problem (actually it's now worse). How do I switch back to the new Youtube theme? Thanks
    Thank you for providing a screencast, I highly appreciate the effort! Your previous review probably got deleted because it was / is not a review per se but a bug report instead. For bug reports, the issue tracker on GitHub would be more approriate: https://github.com/sniklaus/youtube-watchmarker/issues

    Anyhow, I have a guess of what is going on. In the meantime, you could switch to the classic YouTube theme which will probably not have this bug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLkpLHZF-kY

    - Simon

    My apologies for the late update, I forgot to check again and Mozilla is not sending me notifications about updates. You can switch to the new Youtube theme via: http://youtube.com/new
  • worked very well until i updated to ff 57. totally loved it when it worked.
    since updating to 57 my history and database are empty. and sadly no more "watched" videos.
    when click on "synchronize" in the history-options a unclickable message saying "synchronizing with history" appears but nothing else happens until i reload or close the tab.
    the search wheel at the buttom right is constantly turning but not finding anything.
    already tried reinstalling the addon, overinstalling the browser and restarting the mac (os 10.12.6). it's just not working anymore.
    on my older mac with el capitan this great addon strangely still works under ff 57.
    any ideas?
    thank you for your thorough investigation! you might try the solution that has been posted in issue tracker on github here: https://github.com/sniklaus/youtube-watchmarker/issues/6

    thanks again - simon
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  • It works great for what I need it to except for 1 minor problem. My subscriptions page just shows a blank white screen when this is enabled. For me to be able to view the videos in my subscriptions the way I want to, I need to disable this addon, click view subscriptions so the videos show up, then click to re-enable the addon so I can easily see which video I've watched.
    thank you for your review, you are the first person to raise this issue. would you mind moving the discussion over to the issue tracker on github? https://github.com/sniklaus/youtube-watchmarker/issues

    thanks again - simon
  • .Works perfectly in Firefox 61 Beta....