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  • even after fixing the UI bug this plugin still has a tendancy to mark videos with a vaguely similar name as watched
    I am afraid that the lookup of whether or not a video has been watched is purely based on the ID of the video. In fact, the first version of this extension only stored the ID and nothing else. The current version stores other information, like the title of the video, only because users requested to be able to search through their history.

    :: Simon
  • It breaks the thumbnails on the home page, otherwise it works fine.
  • I just started using this. I also have the bug with the double-sized thumbnails but since I never use the Youtube starting page and the issue is not present in a channel's Videos page, it does not bother me too much.
    I honor the idea of this add-on, as this is basically a must have.

    Two questions or feature requests, though:

    1. I would really like to be able to manually mark videos as "watched" and be able to de-mark them. Not sure how this could be implemented, GUI-wise, but I think it would be a very great feature!

    2. Currently, it's sufficient to click a video to get it marked as "watched". Wouldn't you consider it more intuitive if a video only gets marked when watched "completely" or at least to 2/3, 3/4, 9/10? I know that's a bit philosophical and probably tricky to implement. Just asking. :)
  • This addon is godsend. However the latest YouTube update broke it. On hover / scroll the video thumbnails double in height every now and then.
  • Just a heads up, Looks like the most recent update to Youtube vaguely breaks this add-on. All the video thumbnails on the homepage sorta... double in height for some reason, at least that's been my experience.
  • Please, never leave me!
  • This addon is bugged, it shows videos as "watched" even though you've never watched them.
    I am a little bit confused what motivated you to write this review since you essentially had to make the choice between the following.

    1) Write a negative review, talking negatively about the work that an individual did in their spare time. Since you did not provide enough information to debug this issue, it will not be fixed.
    2) Go to the GitHub repository and issue a bug report with a detailed description. For example whether you are using the old or the new YouTube theme. Or whether the videos erroneously marked as watched are also marked as watched in the database. This will make it possible to debug and resolve the issue.

    So why did you go with the first option?

    - Simon
  • can you do this for YOUTUBE ON CHROME BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS,please respond
    Thank you for your message! I am afraid that I am swamped with work and currently do not have any spare time to port the extension to Chrome, my apologies.

    - Simon
  • Needs more control over the overlay effect. It's good in the light YT theme, but could be darker in the dark YT theme.
    Just FYI, it's not compatible with Youtube Enhancer when using a theme, or vice versa. The overlay is removed.
    I have never switched to the dark theme and haven't yet considered that it may be a problem. You are completely right though and I appreciate that you pointed this out to me. I will try to address this in the next version.

    - Simon
  • very good addition. with him much more convenient.
    can you add a feature, hide watched videos on the subscriptions page?
    Thank you for the kind words! I have thought about completely removing watched videos from the subscription page before. This is a little tricky though, since the extension would have to do the layouting of the grid again. Even though it would be useful, I have thus not currently planned to implement this feature, my apologies!

    - Simon
  • Hi dear Simon!
    First, thank You for Your work.
    And thank You for fixing minor bugs when displaying "watched" logo on playlist.
    I have some comments for this extension. Recently (after the update of addon? or youtube?) watermark "watched" appeared in the upper left corner in full screen mode directly on playing video. I've seen this when watched playlist. Can You fix this, please?
    Thank you for your feedback, I greatly appreciate it! I haven't noticed this issue yet but made sure to create an issue here in order to keep track of it: https://github.com/sniklaus/youtube-watchmarker/issues/22

    - Simon