Good job! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is so far one of my favorite add-ons for Firefox but sadly it hasn't gotten an update in a while. I still use it though it's a must for the loop repeat and next things to work, as for the "experimental player" even if it worked it lacks a full working seek bar so I find it a pain to switch between them. But I'd really like all of the options the other player has with a full working seekbar so that I can skip farther on the video. I really like just streaming in the sidebar so keep up the good work. Some suggestions would be Drag and Drop to order them, the search bar under the video instead of all the way at the bottom or an option to change where it's placed. One more it would be that it sets them for high quality right away when you add them, "&fmt=18" at the end, even if you add a video with it already and you add it against it wont corrupt the link so it shouldn't matter if you add the link already with &fmt=18. As a personal request I'd ask for an "audio only" view which would make the sidebar smaller load the video but only play the audio I'm not sure if that's possible. (Hiding the sidebar while it still plays would be fine also but I'd prefer a context of play pause etc.) Also for the play list I'd recommend the use of folders, or the folders themselves be playlists. As a popular request the drag of mp3 links or other popular (mp4 avi wmv) video links wouldn't be so bad but guess that would need you to make the code yourself not that I need it after all that wasn't what it was made for. (But it would be nice, so I can preview audio before downloading it.) Next thing would be support of more video sites, maybe not all in one update but release them bit by bit after you got youtube working with the update at least.

Thanks and keep up the good work, please.

P.S. Also some the new player bug, and maybe a more compact skin, also a restore default video size button under the video.


Thank you for your input, I'll take it into consideration while making another release, as I'm currently gathering scope of work for further releases. Please read also my response to the question from Ecke56, from February 4th.
Best regards,
Wojciech Walewski