63 reviews
  • It's so hard to copy and paste Japanese text because when the pop-up appear the highlighted text is gone / deselected. Hope this could be fix. Also each update the dictionary is purged, please fix this.
  • Everything's fine here
  • Smooth for me
  • When it works it works, but most of the time it's not working. You are clearly not even trying to fix the issue as the chinese rikaichan zhongwen works absolutely fine with firefox quantum. I'm uninstalling.
  • Wondeful! Works great with anki and is a huge help!
    It would be wonderful if it was possible to sort the dictionaries by one's own preferences and/or have more varied options on what dictionary entries should be included in the data for anki. (I.e. "if dictionary A has an entry for this expression, only include dictionary A, if dictionary A has no entry, include all others" or something like that.)
  • When it works it works fine, but it keep unloading the dictionary's, and it takes forever to re-import the
  • Dead on Arrival. I click the Browse button to select a dictionary file. Select the zip file in the dialog, such as jmdict_english.zip. Click "Open". (Or else double-click it, or use Enter). Nothing happens. Thus, I'm not able to clear the exclamation [!] mark from the Yomichan toolbar button. System is: Firefox 60.0.1, 64 bit, on Ubuntu 17.10.
  • It is filled with features. Love the anki support!