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  • Some improvements:

    1. If i block "www.test.com" it should also block "test.com" and vice-versa.

    2. Option to view my blacklist rather than having to go to firefox profile.

    Otherwise very good I been using this for a while now.
  • I began using this after the original YesScript was no longer supported with the updated version of Firefox. I have but one complaint with YesScrpt2 which is I really miss a little feature YesScript had, which was the ability to block scripts prior to opening a website, and then immediately unblocking them so that link subsequently clicked on aren't blocked without reloading the page.

    This would allow me to enjoy a webpage with a lot of content on it and not get blasted with scripted nonsense and have to deal with the page reloading on me every 30 seconds; however, I when I clicked on a link on the website I was able to load that one link with full scripts.

    This little process/feature was super-nice for websites with a bloated front page designed for long term browsing, such as news sites, for example, but they also load it with a bunch of garbage and have the page annoyingly set to reload on you every 30 secs.

    When I tried this little trick with YesScript2, it now reloads the page every time I stop blocking scripts rather than just leaving the current page loaded and blocked and then unblocking subsequent clicked-links.

  • works as intended!
  • I would like to express my gratitude to you for this development continuation.
  • Very happy with YesScript2! I can simply click on the icon on my extensions bar when those annoying pop-over videos (that follow me as I scroll the page) start loading, and the video disappears! One of the most egregious offenders is www.sfgate.com and I can finally read articles on that site again without gritting my teeth in irritation. I do have to click it off again to enable viewing of comments - otherwise they do not load - but I love having this control over the sites I visit. This is the first review of a FF add-on that I've felt compelled to comment on (that I can remember, anyway, LOL). Thanks to the developer for making this!
  • It does exactly what it's supposed to, and does it well!

    There are times I need to check sites/pages I'm not familiar with—for work, generally. I try avoid sites with intrusive and aggressive advertising, but if I end up on a site with those types of links (and they're triggered by JS), this extension stops those windows from flying!

    Really happy with YesScript, thanks!
  • Does what it says. It gets you past websites that block content based on adblockers.

    It's not that I'm anti ads, I unblock plenty of sites that I use all the time to be as supportive as possible.
    But I am anti ads that try to install malware.
  • simple and efficient.
  • Great, thanks a lot for this thing, super simple and effective.
  • It would be better "for every website block external scripts and allow internal scripts for 7 seconds" with an allow external scripts for 3 seconds option. I've been waiting for someone to release such an addon for years. I shall wait no more and create this addon and give credit.
    Main goal is security. If not, then you don't need this addon. If so, then allowing scripts for any specified amount of time will allow them to do attacks if they want to. Simplicity is very important for transparency and error freeness. As soon as you start messing around trying to be smarter in such a huge combinational space, you keep raising the chance for bigger security holes.
  • This add simple and practical.
    Very good.
    Think you!!
  • The application is excellent. Unlike others, it can be blocked by URL. But I need keyboard shortcuts.
  • Nice, yesscript is a good quick way to stop those annoying popups and hijacks, but of course it breaks the page sometimes. YS2 is great for the ability to stop 3rd party scripts but keeping the sites ones going. And just like YS it saves the settings PER site, which is a must.

    Could you add options to have "half blocking (allowing internal and blocking external scripts)" enabled by default for all pages?
  • I made an account just to give this addon 5 stars and say how much I appreciate it.
    I used to use YesScript but of course that's dead now and this is the perfect replacement!
    Thank you so much for making this!
  • This addon is fantastic. Thank you SO much for continuing to update YesScript (2) for Firefox Quantum. I was keeping Firefox from updating to Quantum just for YesScript to work, so I was really happy to see YesScript 2 a few days ago. You're awesome, Mr. Developer!
  • Works nicely !
  • Simple, direct, persistent, fast.
  • Thanks, works well.
  • The half blocking helps a lot in addition to Adblock Plus.

    Thank you !
  • Simple and effective
  • Nice replacement to YesScript after the WebExtension Armageddon.

    That being said, I'm not sure what to think of that "half blocking" state. It seems smart at first, but I already use other extensions to block toxic external scripts (uBlock & Ghostery), so I'm not sure I'll ever really need it. In all the time I've used YesScript, I've never felt the need for a partial block. Meanwhile, the interesting state (block all) is now 2 clicks away instead of one (not to mention the auto-reload). It would be better to have half blocking in last position IMHO

    Edit (since unfortunately it's impossible to reply to replies): I don't think many users of this add-on don't also have stuff like uBlock. That would be an interesting stat to have though.
    Edit: I've just released a new version (4.3) in which I changed the order of blocking because it will suit better this way in practice. So you are a single click away from full blocking now.
  • Thank you so much for your response to my query. I can now use my YesScript2. And I love the half-block.
  • Ahhh....no more sticky videos.
  • Excellent extension, the half blocking is really a good idea
  • great
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