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  • why it's not working with firefox?
  • it's not working anymore with firefox
  • I second mfettah: non working on FF 36. Console says: "Security wrapper denied access to property hasOwnProperty on privileged Javascript object. ..."
    Other than that, is the Best and most intelligent add-on to write Arabic on azerty or querty keyboards. Kuddos to the Yamli team and please update it!
  • After upgrading Firefox to V 36 Yamli stopped working?
  • Yamli is a great tool to type arabic especially that for those who do not have an arabic keyboard or have hard times typing directly in arabic. If the widget stops working du to compatibility issues with the constant updates of firefox and chrome, Yamli team are very responsive and try to solve the issue as soon as you mention it. I did not give it a 5 star rating, although it deserves it, just because, I feel that when I use yamli, directly on Yamli website search bar, or the Yamli Arabic keyboard text box, Yamli recognizes better what I type, whereas when I used the firefox or chrome widget, I feel that I have to work around the transliteration in order to get the right word. It's still the best widget there is so far.
    The problem has been fixed. Let us know if you're still having issues. Thanks!
  • Please Firefox, can you work on fixing the problem of Yamli Adds on!!! I have witnessed the problem from the version 23.0

  • Stopped working from version 23, 24 ...
    Any hope for a fix ? One got used to it.
  • Best and most intelligent add-on to write Arabic on azerty or querty keyboards. Spelling of words is guessed by artificial intelligence. Bravo and thanks Yamli.
  • compatible with the latest beta version: Firefox 18.0 Beta 4
  • unfortunately, it's not compatible with the latest version of firefox which is 17.0.1
  • There is a problem copying the Arabic world to the text field. You can choose the Arabic world, but cannot be copied .Please to fix this.
  • Exceleeeeeennnnnnttttttt !!!!!

    énorme :)
    un grand merci :)
  • Please add ff4 support
  • Yamli is the Best Solution for Arabic Writing on the Web Areal Breakthrough we use it for our clients in ezzai.com
    many thanks
  • It is very slow sometimes, please consider making the conversion database offline.
  • Great !
  • Yamli is like magic, esp. when trying to search the web for Arab names with unfamiliar spelling (or names with multiple spellings in English translation). By simply typing 'Fairuz' for example, one gets all pages about Fairuz (including Fairouz, Fayrooz, etc) AS WELL AS all Arabic pages about فيروز
  • Absolutely good, thank you very mush this a very intelligent add-on good work, may Allah bless you for your effort
  • Excellent add-on, keep it going guys!
  • Indispensable! Cherchais quelque chose du genre depuis longtemps.
  • 5 stars already :)) i love the technique
    actually i used it for one of my addons
    Yamli is very helpful because it helps you write in arabic, quite simple
  • extremely nice add on :-) Love it

    Actually I was thinking of making one for Firefox :-) but here it is

    Yamli is one of the best Arabic based technology I ever saw, That is way I made a program to use Yamli with other programs like, word and chat (http://v2.iraqitek.com/projects/easy-arabic/)

    يملي تقنية، المستخدم العربي المغترب يحتاجها بكل تأكيد

    شكراً لكم على هذه الخدمه
  • Man this add-on is a SAVIOR. It's slick, I've been using it for 2 days now and it seems great, no problems.
    Pros:Faster Arabic writing, you don't have to use a toolbar(like other apps)
    Cons:in settings the "Buttons" option is still under construction.
    Overall this is definitely an add-on that any Arab can't live without HEHEHE.
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