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113 reviews for this add-on
  • Perfect!

  • You are a genious! Thank you so much for this great tool!!

  • I was using Adblock Plus for a long time, and when I recently installed Windows 8 Pro N on my PC, I would open Yahoo mail and open an email and try to close it, Yahoo Mail would freeze up unless I disabled adblockPlus for that page and would get all those dumb ads on the left and right. You nailed this one! Great job and thank you so much

  • Thanks so much! The new ads that take up half the screen were driving me insane!

  • I have wanted something like this for so long!! I actually abandoned Yahoo/ATT and opened a hotmail account so I could work with email. But now I can work with my Yahoo acct again!! It works PERFECTLY!!! I cannot tell you how bad it got with a netbook trying to go thru email with 1/3rd the screen gone in ads! This add on is a life saver and I donated to paypal for this wonderful design by Soni. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!!!!

    Developer response

    Thank you very much for the appreciation and the donation. This keeps me motivated enough to do this as a separate project in my nights, and keep fixing it if Yahoo decides to outsmart it ! :) Thank you again.

  • Works great if using the new Yahoo Mail. I confused it for working with the "Old" "Basic" Yahoo but it is not for that.

    Works great in New Yahoo though. Stupid ads.

    Thanks for the reply, you should change the description of the add-on as it can be confusing.

    The issue is the new Yahoo mail, I hate it. My emails unread are not bold, hard to read and I just like the "Old" version better. If you can make it work with the old one that would be great.

    Developer response

    Hi NewYears1978,
    By 'Basic' I mean the 'free version' of Yahoo Mail. I have just now checked in the settings that by Basic they meant the old email. Yes, this is only intended for the new Yahoo Mail which was introduced in October 2013. I thought everyone was updated to the new Yahoo mail by now. But I think I can make it work even for the old Yahoo mail. Let me try to do that and upload a new version which works for both.

    Edit: Yes, that was a confusion on my part, I meant something else by 'basic'. I have updated the description now. Give me a couple of days, I'll try to fix the old version this weekend.

    Edit 2: Hi NewYears1978, if you are seeing this, the latest beta version (2.20b) fixes it for the 'Basic' Yahoo Mail. It does not work as good as the new Mail only because of Yahoo. They load a new page everytime you click on any link in that old Yahoo Mail. I cannot do anything to that, but it works nevertheless. I hope you will try it soon. The link is :

  • Thank you. Very nice solution. / Tökéletesen működik! Köszi

  • Works great :)

  • Much needed addon for those not prepared or unable to pay for Premium Y! Mail. And the developer's quick response and quick fix is definitely a BIG PLUS, too. Just tested the BETA version and BUG fixed in my browser! Cheers!!

  • I have a 1920x1080 Screen, the 1630 width restriction was driving me insane, and i have been contacting yahoo tech-support about it and posting on their feed back forum since this mail update went live with no hope of any solution.

    This Add-On is just simple and BRILLIANT!, and it solved the entire problem completely freeing the email to use the full width of my screen.

    Thanks a lot for the great work.

    Developer response

    Thanks for the appreciation POP3D... I have the same resolution monitor at home, and in office I have a 1920x1200 screen. Yes, it was driving me insane too - since bigger the monitor, bigger is the problem. It was totally unacceptable for me, so I set to write this add-on :). Glad people are finding it useful.

  • Exactly what I was looking for - thank you!

  • What a a relief! Grateful thanks for making the new Yahoo Mail less loathsome.

  • I have a 1920x1080 laptop. This stupid ad bar was taking around 40% of space! All gone, nice work!