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113 reviews for this add-on
  • Thank you so much for developing this addon. Haven't had any problems with it so far, but there's been an obnoxious Turbotax ad coming up for me lately.

    Would you be able to fix this please? I'm docking a star because of this issue, but I'll update my review with 5 if you can help me resolve this.

    Edit: Haven't seen that ad in a while, so I guess it's working properly now. Bumping my score to 5 stars. :)

  • Does not block the Large White Area above the Yahoo email page at: .. sometimes it does, sometimes not. And just to clarify, this is a very large Banner Ad from "TurboTax" .. they did this last year around this time and it is back again this year. Sometimes, clearing all the Cookies will get rid of it. Sometimes not. And all my filters for AdBlock Plus are up to date. Firefox 47.0.2 .. Thank you

  • Update to previous review, I noticed that if I disable adblock plus yahoo mail will first open with an ad at the top of the page. However after I open an email title the new page enlarges w/o the blank space. There's a disconnect between AdBlock and this add-on but there's a workaround.

  • Works great on the current Yahoo Mail. However, I'm using the Beta version of the new Yahoo Mail and it doesn't really work on that. The right ad panel is sometimes hidden (but the space still shows) and sometimes isn't, while the top ad panel shows all the time. However, I would imagine that once the new version of Yahoo Mail goes wide, there will be an appropriate update to the add-on.

    Developer response

    Hi MichaelAM1978,
    Yes, I have not yet received an invitation/indication of the new Beta mail yet (in fact I was not aware they have introduced a beta). Whenever that happens, I'll try my best to fix that soon.

  • This app works great - Quick updates when Yahoo changes it's system.

  • Was having trouble getting uBlock Origin to hide the big ad blank space, this solved my troubles!

  • gregbanks2 is right … the applet used to be reliable … now, ymhap has stopped working. currently using firefox(64bit) 51.0.1 version … since the applet stopped working, now ⅓ of the screen has been taken away. can you pls fix? both firefox and ymhap were freshly installed today.

    thanks for your courtesy, piyush.

  • until late Jan17 Firefox update.

  • Got rid of the latest Firefox beta release for the sole purpose of being able to have your program "do its thing" as intended. Thanks for a great add-on.

    Developer response

    I have updated the add-on to work in Firefox 51. Can you please try now? :)

  • I have used this addon for quite some time now and it works great. I hope you will continue to support the Pale Moon browser since Mozilla is effectively telling all the Addon developers to F-off.
    Again, Thank You

  • The best add-on for a Yahoo! user... no question about it.

  • not blocking the "ad choices" box on left side. Otherwise really good.

  • I really like this addon but it does not work anymore with Firefox 51, could you fix it please?

    Thank you.

  • My congrats to the developer!Really concise and useful and a great replacer for the Addons in Urlbar addon.Worth it's weight in gold!!!

  • I downloaded this Add-On today and IMMEDIATELY the ads were all gone. My beef with Yahoo Mail is that they have the "ad manger" X on the ads you dont like- but FAIL to STOP showing them over and over after you "report" on the inappropriate content being shown.

  • Works perfectly!!

  • I give it 5 stars for having worked so well for about 3 years. BUT, it suddenly stopped working recently. Hoping for a fix soon.

  • Thanks so much for this add on. Too bad you cannot do anything about the "Medals Count" box that was forced on to Yahoo users. I know it is only for a short while, but there will be something else after that.

  • Could you please make an addon to put white space on ads on TOI - no ad blocker works (not even Hostsman), so IP blocking is out. If you use noscript many features such as comments and dropdowns will not work.

    I guess the only way out is to put a blank space on the ad area or shrink the size of the ad to 1 pixel.

    My request is to you because, I doubt anyone else will write rules or scripts to bypass TOI ads. (or block their ads stealthlily).

    Developer response

    Please contact the support email so that I can try helping you :).

  • This is a breath of fresh air after YAHOO failed to keep me as a loyal Mail Plus customer. Thank you, Piyush!

  • This in combination with Adblock Plus is amazing! The mails open faster now :D

  • This works exactly as advertised!
    The videos coming up when a folder is empty only started a week or so ago for me and because I've got a fixed monthly contract (10GB a month) I'll be REALLY pleased to see your next release.
    Thank you.

    c129: In the meantime, I'd really appreciate it if you'd explain exactly how to "add the following to your hosts file".

  • It's a perfect addon 10/10.

    Is there anyway to make it work with chromium based browsers ?

  • This addon is super. It does exactly waht is says it should. But now Yahoo is showing news videos in an empty folder - like when I empty my trash, it now shows news videos and other news. Can you make this addon block this so that an empty folder just shows emptiness?

    EDIT: block videos from yahoo mail empty folder. stop videos playing yahoo mail empty folder:::

    I did find a way to stop this behavior.
    For others wanting to rid themselves of this garbage, just add the following to your hosts file. Instructions here -

    ...and bingo, videos are gone, all Yahoo mail functions stay intact.

    Happy Surfing,

    Developer response

    Hi c129,
    Thank you for the appreciation! The fix for these new video ads is already in the works, and is coming soon in next release.


  • its blocking the header of yahoo email very effective