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341 reviews for this add-on
  • Five Stars for More Bookmarks Toolbar! Big fat zero for Yahoo Toolbar, which I would have thought they would have changed by now! If you have Firefox, I STRONGLY suggest you search on Add-On's Manager, for "MORE BOOKMARKS TOOLBAR." It is very easy to copy and paste, or drag and drop all of your favorite sites, which I had to find again, and it works better than Yahoo! I also use the Firefox toolbar, which you can copy and paste, drag & drop, your favorite sites on as well. I have all of my add-ons set to "update manually." Then, they cannot update to any of the add-ons, you don't want to change. You can find it to the left of the search for add-ons bar. It is a tool weel, and just uncheck the automatic add-ons, and check, "manually update add-ons". There is also "Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar" for Chrome and Firefox, that is great. Hope this helps. I lost so many of my sites, and they didn't even warn anyone!

  • I hate it! Time to move to Google and Gmail!!

  • The new Yahoo toolbar is somewhat less useful than teats on a boar hog! I kept it because of the Bookmarks - which were fast and convenient, but seemingly no longer offered in the "new Toolbar"! I give it 2 stars only because of the search box - which works better than the Yahoo search provided by Firefox; i.e., I can use it to open a new tab without losing the page I'm already on and it offers suggestions of possible pages I'm seeking! The Yahoo search provided by Firefox won't let me do that!
    If I hadn't spent the past 15+ years with a Yahoo email, which I use for my business, I'd completely remove anything to do with Yahoo from my computer! Once a pretty good Browser; now even the My home page is mediocre!

  • For those that hate the new Yahoo Toolbar and just want a simple toolbar to place your favorite sites, try ' More Bookmarks Toolbar". Search for it in Firefox's Extensions or just Google it.
    So simple to use, just drag and drop existing or new bookmarks to the new Toolbar.
    Better than the original Yahoo Toolbar too.
    The 5 stars are for the 'More Bookmarks Toolbar'. Yahoo get zero.

  • This yahoo toolbar really helps me and save my time for searching sites that i need to open regularly.

  • excellent

  • I would give it 0 stars if I could. Extra garbage page that is useless. I don't know what this is suppose to be, but none of the buttons work and you can't customize.

  • Sucks

  • Great Addon, like it,thanks

  • the new toolbar sucks

  • I'm just about ready to get rid of My Yahoo, including my email account, after continued problems. It seems everytime they do a revision, it something worse than what they already had in place. Their remake of the Yahoo Toolbar took away the "Bookmarks" icon, now god-only-knows where (or if) you can find them to edit. Even their Weather app is crap. Often it cannot seem to figure out just where you live, even when you tell it! Then, add in the recent email hack of over 500 million users and you just have to serious ask yourself if this company hasn't just taken away almost any reason to continue using it. Unreliable and Untrustworthy are not a good combination.

  • Wish I could give 0 or negative stars. They took something that worked just fine and broke it...They took away all my links that I used Daily and replaced them with links that I have absolutely NO USE for and there is no way to get my old links back! This thing serves NO useful purpose and will soon be deleted from all my computers.

  • cannot customize tool bar it is now useless.

  • I've been used the Yahoo toolbar for more than 10 years and it has always been awesome.... but last update took my links/notes far away and now my information is missed!

  • Can't believe they got rid of customization of the toolbar, hate to go back to IE but use the toolbar so much I might have to.

    Please talk Yahoo into changing it back.

  • New toolbar is crap - none of my websites show up and I miss the quick link toolbar - PLEASE.....

  • I used the yahoo toolbar all of the time it was able to customized and easy to use. This does not do anything and is difficult to use. I am deleting it and I will check back to find a toolbar that works like the old yahoo toolbar.

  • I can't stand this new toolbar. All of my tabs are gone and there is no way of customizing it again. I can't even get into my yahoo bookmarks without needing to go an extra page (my yahoo)! Not to mention I don't want the new tabs/pic's. Why don't they ask us before they change everything? I want the prior version back or even better... make a new version that is just like it.

  • I spent a LOT of time adding my NEEDED sites to the toolbar and now they are GONE!!! This sucks and I will NOT be using this until they bring the old one back ( if ever). All that time and work for naught!! If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!! Well you fixed it and now it IS broke! I HATE IT!

  • what have they done, and why?
    what possessed the devs?
    now unusable- where`s all my buttons gone?

  • I can no longer edit the toolbar so it is useless, and even more important I cannot access my yahoo bookmarks which was the whole appeal of the yahoo toolbar to begin with. The new Yahoo tab is a waste, it is unusable in every way. It crashes mozilla, whenever I edit my settings they do not stay, and when I click on the circle tabs they don't take me directly to the page they were made for. On top of that whenever I click to create a new tab from a page it gets put in a new window even though my settings are set to no new window. This only happens when the Yahoo tab is enabled. I am disabling and I will wait until I can use my toolbar again.

  • I was able to create shortcuts to my favorite sites. Now there are only six and I can't change them. What's the rationale? I want the old version back.

  • Previous version was very useful. Except for the email icon, this one is strictly decorative. That is, it stinks.

  • Well as usual this toolbar is useless. You can't add anything to it.

  • Because I had to, gave one star. Should have a zero or negative star choice. Cannot stand new toolbar. I only use the mail and none of the others. Won't let you remove and add your own to personalize it for the sites you want. Why even allow us to add the yahoo toolbar if you're not going to let us personalize it. I never had a problem with the old one and it wasn't corrupt. Looking at other reviews why don't you fix it so we can get the old toolbar? You can see the new toolbar isn't as good as the old one and you should want to make those using Firefox happy.