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341 reviews for this add-on
  • I would give this zero stars if I could. I preferred my old fully customized toolbar. This "simplified" toolbar is utter trash and a complete nightmare. With all the complaints since this upgrade you'd think Yahoo would bring back the other one for users who prefer it.

  • This tool bar organizes my life

  • nie cierpię tej witryny

  • It was a wonderful extension and I love it to use. Thanks Mario Prisciandaro & Anthony Prisciandaro

  • It appears to do what I need done.

  • great

  • C x

  • convience

  • always able to log on with great success.

  • I have tried several times to download the yahoo tool bar and it says it is downloaded and then it isn't there. I never had this problem until you changed Firefox. There are a lot of extensions that won't work any more. You have completely ruined Mozilla Firefox. I have had it since it started. I am going to try to find a new browser that is like Mozilla use to be.

  • Easily customization for the websites i use daily and great photos from Flickr in new tab windows.

  • I think it is AWESOME. Love Ya Hoo.

  • ITs a great add on for frequent pages most visited

  • WHY ????? do my favs , disk at the bottom change when I've got the damn things SET THE WAY I WANT ??????????????????
    PISSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nett aber keine Toolbar anzeigbar , für New page gibts doch eine extra App... Ich will das wählen können

  • Yahoo Toolbar will not come up for me no matter how many times I click Add to Firefox. At this point, I'm not sure if it's Yahoo's fault or this "new and improved" Firefox which in my opinion is HORRIBLE!

  • tried to add toolbar no luck

  • It is useless. With version 5.1.1 of Yahoo my Yahoo Toolbar disappears and cannot be retrieved. Please in future when I go back to version 5.0.9 do not automatically then dowload 5.1.1 again. I do not want it !

  • Since Firefox updated to version 56.0.2, it removed my Yahoo toolbar and have since been unable to reinstall! I even tried installing thru the add-ons with Firefox without success!

  • I like this feature very much but it is not stable. Sometimes the button favorites are there and then they disappear. Is there anyway to stabilize it? Thanks, AV

  • have not seen it yet, where is it..

  • no need to elaborate futher, the title says everything. Wish I can give -star

  • It working fine for me.

  • This is nothing but crap, keeps changing what you put as your favorites, adds every single thing you do in FB. Bring back the old toolbar

  • Not surprisingly for a Yahoo! product, this add-on puts an imperfect situation into a nose-dive. Yahoo! once again shows total ineptitude at everything but sucking (not to be confused with butt-sucking, the ONE area in which Yahoo!'s devotion & skill are beyond question).