Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Five Stars for More Bookmarks Toolbar! Big fat zero for Yahoo Toolbar, which I would have thought they would have changed by now! If you have Firefox, I STRONGLY suggest you search on Add-On's Manager, for "MORE BOOKMARKS TOOLBAR." It is very easy to copy and paste, or drag and drop all of your favorite sites, which I had to find again, and it works better than Yahoo! I also use the Firefox toolbar, which you can copy and paste, drag & drop, your favorite sites on as well. I have all of my add-ons set to "update manually." Then, they cannot update to any of the add-ons, you don't want to change. You can find it to the left of the search for add-ons bar. It is a tool weel, and just uncheck the automatic add-ons, and check, "manually update add-ons". There is also "Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar" for Chrome and Firefox, that is great. Hope this helps. I lost so many of my sites, and they didn't even warn anyone!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (5.0.7).