158 reviews for this add-on
  • This was a grand tool, and now it is no longer working; I do not know if some upgrade to FF or an add on interferes, but I have changed nothing. I hope a fix may be found. Fine tool when it works!

  • It worked perfectly until a month ago but not anymore.

  • this has been very good, until today. latest update tells me new message roughly every othercheck but no mail received. using on

  • Quick install; very simple to use; basic options for customization - no frills, but what more do you need? Didn't want to put Y! Messenger on my system just to know when I had new mail ... this plug-in did the trick! Thanks!

  • If the Yahoo Mail Notifier allowed 3-5 accounts with the same great functionality - I would give it a 10+.

    Allow different sounds for each mail account etc.

    We can only hope !

  • The only reason that I had Yahoo! Messenger was that it notified me of incoming mail. Because of this, I uninstalled this. Bottom line: This is a very useful add-on.

  • Very useful, would give it 10 if it was possible to check more than 1 yahoo email account (i have various for different things)

  • Light, easy to use. You can set it to automatically log in and check for new mail on start up. Click on it to open mail in new tab. Have a handy sliding alert when new mail arrives with sound, if you wish. Almost like having a desktop app. Great extension.