312 reviews for this add-on
  • I have always went with yahoo. I trust yahoo

  • always have just never knew how

  • it was very good

  • I like the home page and finance

  • Still nothing to write home to MOM about. SOS, same old shit.

  • Too left leaning on politics, Should show less bias. Or better yet none.

  • This is great. Thank you.

  • thank for great homepage

  • I've grown accustomed to yahoo home page and is user friendly.
    I have experienced a censorship of my emails when they are of conservative content.
    I would otherwise given you five stars.

  • I can not get to yahoo which is already my home page.

  • to many adds

  • very good love it my home page thank you

  • Some of the news is great But most of the time, I see Garbage Bs that even the tv news is a waist of time!

  • no comment

  • I think it is great. It took you a lot of time to get it done

  • how do i cancel it

  • always enjoy Yahoo for information and ease of use

  • I like it do not love it some of the format is very good and some needs work!

  • Everything I need is right here. You guys do a great job. Keep up the good work. PLEASE!!!

  • rather have the full page like it was.

  • going to wait and see how it goes

  • new

  • cool

  • N/A

  • This extension can help us to give a new experience and must help to get more options. It also help us to find so many new items of information. Thanks