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  • 我早就把Yahoo設為首頁了,Yahoo還是一直問是否要裝這個東西,很煩人。所以我來此給一星評等。
  • jumafero030@gmailcom
  • good
  • ok
  • 裝這個APP好處是開新分頁就直接是YAHOO了,不然火狐57後還真不知道要怎麼設定
  • 我早就把Yahoo設為首頁了,Yahoo還是一直問是否要裝這個東西,很煩人。所以我來此給一星評等。
  • 很好~不錯用~!
  • 很好
  • good
  • Thanks
  • bonjour,
  • 食用
  • I prefer YAHOO to all others
  • Too much junk news....
  • Would be happy to. You get 2 stars, because every single time I go to my homepage, yes, it is Yahoo. Has been for quite some time, wants me to sign up. I have told it to keep me signed in, but no, sign in I must. Why ask the question, if you are just going to ignore the answer. Even after I've signed in, still Yahoo ask if I want to sign up. Oh yes, "settings". Not helpful. Tell the page what features I want. Great all set, until the next day. I have to do it all over again. Is the "remember me" just a suggestion? Because it sure doesn't. Not sure what has been done to my home page, but you guys really messed up a good thing. Why did you "Fix" what was not broken? Just one consumers oppinion. When done with this, I can reset everything on my homepage Yahoo. Doesn't that sound like fun?
  • I love having my home page set as Yahoo. BUT when I close down my computer and restart it, my homepage is not Yahoo. It goes to a search page. I have gone into setting many times to try to reset it and make Yahoo my home page. I have tried everything that I can try to get it reset, but nothing works.

    I love the way the page is set up, so easy to get around and everything is so convenient and easy to find.

  • thanks for the best App.
  • Serious problem with email, many many emails so small characters cannot read. I have to read them by copying to word or go to web.
  • I always use Yahoo as my home page
  • always like Yahoo
  • it has all I need
  • I dpn't see the purpose of it.
  • MSN, does give the real news, I see the same stuff for about 3 days with yahoo. You seem to be pretty pejudice for the Democrats and Black. Please don't make me change to MSN. I have had Yahoo since 1998, but, I can learn MSN if you don't get your crap together.
  • I close to 2 decades & enjoy everything about it . I love the security it offers the most .
  • Learn a lot off the yahoo page