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  • 最近のfirefoxとの互換性がなくしばらく使えなくなっていましたが、復活して大変便利に使用しています。vimperator使用者向けの情報として補足すると、migemo-find.js(Ver2.0)で使用するには一旦通常の検索モードを起動する必要があるようでした。
  • Ctrl + F 連続押下で切り替える動作も凄く分かりやすいです。
  • this addon useful til' now (ff3.5)
    no other addon have "REGEX" find (i havent found)

    unfortunately ...
    (1) ESC shortcut key (stop loading webpage) is not working anymore when i use this ... (please fix)
    (2) find in page tooks very looong time when find in big file (like mysql html help file), it makes browser not responding and there is no way out (stop find)-> force close browser

    (3) if you have a button "new HIGHLIGHT ALL" its superrrrrrr usefulllllllll
  • I was able use this for a firefox 6.x (partially worked). Tested this addon with "enhanced findbar" on FFX 25.0.1 but it broke "find next" (F3 shortcut), so sadly retiring this addon now.
  • NO longer works at all using FF 16.0.2 on Mac OS 10.6.8. Nothing happens!!Tried trick by other user to also load "enhanced Findbar" add-on...helped turn on XUL/Migemo, so it seemed to work BUT the Highlight All and the Scrollbar markings do not work at all. Tried on fresh new profile but not go.

    Going to try "FindBar Tweak" or "Scrollbar Search Highlighter" addons which can do the same as above/
  • I don't know why, but XUL/Migemo does work with "enhanced findbar" installed !! :-)

    enhanced findbar :: Add-ons for Firefox
  • Didn't work for me (in Firefox 7.0.1). Now using another add-on with regex find: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fastest-search
  • 愛用させて頂いています。
  • This is one of my all time favorite FF add-ons AND I **REALLY** WISH THAT MOZILLA WOULD OFFER A REGEXP SEARCH OPTION OUT OF THE BOX . Anyway, it works fine for me with FF 4.0.1 *IF* you have manually patched the maxVersion number for firefox (google "manually update firefox addon 7zip install.rdf maxVersion"). I'm only giving 4 stars b/c I had to patch it myself.
  • Great extension, probably the only one offering Regexp-based search (at least, I failed to find another one).
    SO sorry that it doesn't work in FF4...
    Please kindly update!
  • 用正则搜索有时结果不能及时刷新
  • Type c1 into url bar. Any letter followed by any number makes the browser crash.
  • I also downloaded it for RegEx, but did get it to work. For RegEx (haven't tried the other modes) you must turn off "Show position of found terms..."

    I would suggest to the developer that the three modes be separated into different add-ons for easier development (and should work together). The ideas are good, but it tries to do too much with a single add-on.
  • it was a source of many problems with my findbar, even when it was disabled it interfered in my findbar, higlight all didn't work as supposed (often ommiting first-matched words), findbar were losing focus when i was typing and no match was being find.
    i installed it for reg-exp support but it wasn't good idea for all the bugs
  • good addon, but conflicts with cybersearch .....
  • Current version( 0.12.2) conflict with Cootua Autocomplete 2.0.0 (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/8659), even I disabled combination with location bar.
    Please check it.
  • Brilliant replacement for search marker!
    1) The markers are a bit too big/obstrusive.
    2) Markers are not context specific. For eg. in (find only links mod) it still shows markers for text!
    3) Find links mode seems to apply all the time(in quick find). Cannot find a way to have 2 separate quick find modes. Start on type for no links mode and press '/' for links mode. This mode is especially useful for opening links totally by keyboard.
    4) Highlight all words can hardly be seen(only bold).
  • Brilliant replacement for search marker!
    Suggestions: The markers are a bit too big/obstrusive.
    Markers are not context specific. For eg. in (find only links mod) it still shows markers for text!
  • This crashes my firefox a lot. For example, it systematically crashes on this site when looking for "s90" in migemo mode:

    I have ff 3.5.5, OS X 10.6.2 and XUL 0.12.2
  • Great add-on but it causes "Enter Selects" ( https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/7423 ) to stop working.
  • Thank Goodness I found you. AMAZING!!!!!!
    I had a great addon for finding regex on the page of emails, called /FIND/ or something, had made searching email content for work possible. Then my hard drive failed and my shiny new machine needed to be equiped. But no joy. Two days wasted fiddling with every possible combination of scrips and browsers and plugins, non worked as they said........
    Then by accident...Using Thunderbird as a client hoping its better find options would win the day, I found XUL....WOW. works in fire fox too...I AM SAVED
    If only it had had the tags I have put on it now, I would have found it much earlier.
    I works, it does what it says, it's fab, up to date with the latest shiny new browser. Great, you guy's are brilliant. Thank you one thousand times. The best find box in the world that I can find.
  • I was hoping this would be a suitable replacement for the excellent but no-longer-maintained "/find bar/" extension. However, the regular expressions in this engine are broken. Metacharacters like \b are ignored: "\bcell\b" matches "Excellent". Searching for "news.*" on a Google results page finds 0 matches, but searching for "news" finds many. Searches are done within the main browser thread and there is no way to stop them, so typing, say, "\w+" while you have "highlight all" on will lock up the browser for a very long time while it highlights every word, and you can't do anything but wait or kill the process. I do like the idea of the dictionary, and it may well be an excellent tool for Japanese/Korean/Chinese, but the broken regex engine makes it very sub-par for other languages.
  • This add-on is better than any other findbar extensions. However, you can not use it with locationbar option on. It will interfere with cybersearch and any similar extension.

    Also highlighting feature disappeared as well as scrollbar mark. I wish I could get them back.
  • It's nice, but doesn't address the issues that are of importance to me.

    If you could extend the Regex find to:
    1) the find function on emails during composition (very important), and
    2) (less important) find in "Search Messages"
    ... This would be killer.
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