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  • Modern adblocking has modeled resource selection on this extension. Ad-hiding can now use BOTH

    CSS selectors

  • Just edit the RDF File inside the XPI !
  • I miss this plugin so bad
  • Still fine on 25.0.1 but tested it on 23.0 too! (See "sammingo" and "yk2000" comments for details about the install steps.)
  • Can anyone make it available for Firefox 17.0...?
  • Cannot figure out how does RegExp works in here. It is shown in 'Content Extraction' clip yet i fail to evaluate regex i enter.
  • Tested on Firefox 14.0.1 and works ok.
    Need some work to install, but it pays off. Best tool for xpath / xquery related jobs

    See "sammingo" and "yk2000" comments for details about the install steps.
  • it is not compatible with firefox 13.0.1
  • Works on Firefox 13 on modifying the install.rdf file as mentioned by sammingo and yk2000. For me, it is the best and simplest xpath tool ever!
  • I can confirm that yk2000's instructions still work in FF 11. (See comments below.) At first, I got the same error as NottyWizard, but then I realized that my ZIP program changed the directory structure. Compare it to the original and make sure they are the same.

    You also need the "DOM Inspector" addon to make this work. See the screenshots for help getting started with Xpather.

    I only gave it 4 stars because it was such a hassle to install.
  • Please update it! Your addon is too useful.
  • Thanks sammingo and yk2000. I tried your method but FF keeps saying "the add-on is corrupt". Any help? I'm using FF 10.0.2
  • 1. Right click on "Add to Firefox" link and do a "save link". This will create a .xpi file at selected location.
    2. Use 7zip or any other unzipping tool and extract the content.
    3. Edit the .rdf file as sammingo mentioned.
    4. Zip the content back to a zip file and rename it to .xpi (remember to keep the original package structure)
    * Alternatively just extract .rdf file, edit it and add back to the .xpi file
  • If you change the install.rdf file's line to something like this:

    and then restart firefox, this plugin still works fine.
  • Where is version for firefox 5?
  • Great add-on. It's a shame it has been abandoned by the developer. I have uploaded a patched version of the addon to my server that will allow installation on 4.* If you want it, you can get it here: http://jassage.com/xpather-1.4.5b.xpi
  • I did the same trick for FF4.* (changed maxVersion to 4.*) Regarding Windows, that folder was already empty .
  • Thanx muc mac.. it worked :) for Windows.
  • As LijuC pointed out, on windows systems it's not enough to only change maxVersion tag. Also extension.cache file located in [user]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[some-hash].default\ must be deleted(personally i would make backup first, just in case), to force firefox to reread version information and update status of extension compatibility.
  • @muc mac
    I made my changes in the install.rdf with:
    maxVersion to 3.6.*

    but still the Firefox is not enabling the XPather. anything else i need to do.

    Windows Directory: "[user]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\b8k8sy2b.default\extensions\{636fd8b0-ce2b-4e00-b812-2afbe77ee899}"

  • As with most extensions you can update it yourself by modifying tag in install.rdf which is in directory where xpather is installed. On linux boxes this is ~/.mozilla/firefox/.default/{636fd8b0-ce2b-4e00-b812-2afbe77ee899}. On windows it's somewhere in /document and settings// folder.

    btw. i could be wrong about directory where installed xpather is.
  • Xpaths can get complicated, and good examples are not easy to find on the web. Most examples are too simple for real world use. This extension has been invaluable for helping to find the best Xpath expression for specific searches in real documents.
  • it's very useful, so I'm very sad that it can't run on firefox 3.6. when will it be updated?
  • Most useful addon addon ever. I use this for creating tests for web applications with selenium and it provides a very convenient way to extract xpaths.
  • Have found this very useful when I need to test an xpath. It's good to be able to quickly test on an actual web document. You can also quickly get the xpath of any element.
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