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  • marche très bien et en français avec gmail !

  • Hello! I am facing a problem with WebMail Notifier since I updated to version 1.0.11. A pop-up box is appearing almost all the time asking me to enter some letters in order to let me sign-in (like in free rapidshare for example). Also I am sure that there is no problem with my laptop because when I uninstall the add-on and then I install again the previous version it is working normally. Please make another version and fix this but cause the add-on is great and I need it. Cheers!

  • The WebMail Notifier 1.0.10 doesn't work in Mozilla Firefox 3.0b5.

    Please fix it.

  • I had Version 1.0.10 installed with Firefox 2.2.3 on OSX 10.5.2 and is was running well (for Hotmail).
    After switching to Firefox 3.0b5
    - it doesn't run
    - I can't deinstall it: Message: Will be deinstalled after restart of Firefox, but it's still in the add-on list after restart
    - I can't reinstall it: Message Not compatible with 3.0b5
    Nice Add-on, but seems to have some problems buying into the comments.

  • All of the sudden its asking for a captcha code to check my email. It takes the convenience away. Now the program is just an annoyance. I will probably uninstall the plug in.

    I used to really like this plug in but with no option to disable captcha its a real pain.

  • I love this add-on, it's great for my Gmail account. However, recently it hasn't been checking my Yahoo account and asks for a bot confirmation code every time it checks.

    A nice idea for a new feature would be to be able to set a different alert sound for each account. I'm able to hear the sound before the notification pops up (which is sometimes slow), and it would be useful to know what account has mail just by hearing.

    Also, if I open my Gmail account through it once, it creates a new tab, like it should. But if I go anywhere else in that tab then open my Gmail again, it does not make a new tab and opens up in the tab it created previously. It can be very frustrating. It would be extremely helpful if this could be fixed and WebMail Notifier creates a brand new tab each time. I find the option of right clicking on the toolbar button and opening my inboxes very handy, but this bug is really bothering me.

    Thank you!

  • Great little tool. Simple, unobtrusive and effective. I use it for Yahoo and Gmail.

  • This add-on doesn't work for my two gmail accounts. It shows a constant 110,120 unread messages even when I receive new mail. Moreover, when I installed this add-on my gmail inboxes had 274, 254 unread messages...

    Hopefully this can get fixed.

    On the positive side, by enabling the "Auto Login" feature, at least this add-on serves as quick access to your accounts - saving you the trouble of navigating to gmail and inputting your screenname/password.

    Please do notify me if the problem gets fixed though!

  • Awesome extension, any chance the release for FF3 going to come out soon? Many thanks.

  • I had problems with my yahoo account not being checked. I switched from CLASSIC Yahoo mail to the ALL NEW Yahoo mail and have had no problems since.

  • i intalled on my pc and works well but reciently can't check yahoo mail

  • It doesn t work with hotmail! anybody knows what the problem? With my yahoo account its works, but not in my hotmail account! Please anybody can help me? I really wanna use this add on!

  • Para mi es uno de los mejores notificadores de correo, ya que te permite tener varias cuentas de diferentes o de los mismos servidores.

  • I have come to rely on this extension pretty heavily, for both my personal account, as well as my college account.

    I really can't imagine having this extension, and would dare to say that it's the most important thing in my Firefox browser.

  • Hi, Love Webmail notifier but it is causing problems (suddenly) with Yahoo, which keeps insisting that a 'no bot' validation takes place when notifier checks the account - can anything be done?

  • Can't wait until it's compatible with Firefox 3.0b5 +


  • I like this extension and think it has great potential. The reason is that it allows you to check multiple different email accounts. But there are some things that need to be fixed. I didn't find it clear on how to report bug reports on the authors web site. It was very confusing so I will state them here and hope they get addressed.

    I installed firefox and then installed my extensions. I then went to webmail notifier preferences to input my email addresses. I have gmail, yahoo, and hotmail email accounts. 10 in all. I entered the accounts and everything looked great and exited the preferences menu. I again went into preferences and saw these multiple ghost or blank accounts along with my real accounts. These ghost accounts have the email program name but no username or password. It created somehow, 17 of these ghost or blank accounts. How are these being generated? I deleted them and got out and came back into preferences again. They were generated again. They are a big nuisance and I am not sure why they get created and also it worries me security wise. That is problem 1.

    I also get certain accounts not checked, showing up in red. I try manually checking but still they showed not checked. Why are they not checked? Was there an error or reason for them not being checked? I would like to know why they were not checked and a error or reason message so I can determine if I need to do something or if it's a program error. Especially checking manually, when I click on the "Check Now" selection, and it still says they are not checked. When I go to the email sites and login, I find that I have email, so I don't know why Webmail Notifier is not checking. It's great knowing they were not checked, but also I need to know why they were not. This is problem 2.

    Selecting to login to Hotmail accounts is not working right. It tries to login to Windows Live Mail but never completes. It sits on the screen saying Loading... and not until I select to try the classic version if this is taking to long, does it login. Seems to have a problem with the new version of Hotmail. This is problem 3.

    This 4th problem is more of a problem in managing this extension. It would be nice to be able to save your preference settings and your accounts list. So when you reinstall or try a new Firefox version, etc., you can import these settings and accounts. It should be encrypted also to the file or whatever.

    Again, this is a great extension and I use it often, but I need the issues addressed and/or fixed. For that reason, I rate it 3 stars.

  • It used to work just fine. Now it's not even alerting me to new emails. Whenever I open Firefox it just stays gray, but when I click it, I see that I have new/unread emails. I've configured it properly... I don't know what is wrong!

  • Installed the prog. and as by magic my accounts appeared in the set up ?!?
    I was using another gmail and yahoo manager, how did this prog. find the details ? read the config. of the other managers ???
    Sure all these managers are risky on the security side, but this one really makes me feel uneasy...

  • webmail has something wrong with it. last thursday all 19 of my yahoo mail accounts disappeared from the menu. there are 19 checkboxes that all say yahoo next to them, but the yahoo account names are all gone. The program will not check email on command. Occassionally without being asked it will check, and i will get a bunch of yahoo security windows that pop up asking me to type the characters shown. Once pops up for each of the 19 accounts. By friday all the yahoo accounts said [null] to the right side of the yahoo name. I re entered some of the yahoo accounts manually to see if it would work. it did temporarily and then the next day all the accounts i had entered were gone. Today a new yahoo account showed up in there and I did not put it in there. It had checked the left side checkbox and enabled the auto loggin that i had disabled. The new unauthorized account says Yahoo fA_! I have unchecked the left side checkbox and deleted the account repeatedly. Each time I check it is back in there again. I unistalled webmail from firefox and verified the program was gone. Then I went and reloaded a fresh version of it from the firefox add-ons page. When I went to the preferences tab everything was in there like it was just before the uninstall. My old accounts are still missing, but all the blank yahoo accounts are there again and the unauthorized Yahoo fA_! account is back in there again. What is going on? Are you aware of this problem? I cannot find a way to contact the creator. his page is written in korean. i have clicked on all the links and written out the problem but i keep getting pop ups that appear to be asking for a user name and/or password in korean. If anyone knows how to contact the guy to let him know about this issue, please do so. Until then I would definitely not use it. Once fixed it is quite handy, although you are handing over your account username and password for each mail account to a program that can send that info to anyone without you knowing it. it would get 4 or 5 stars if it wasn't for this problem.

  • can u add aim mail? http://webmail.aol.com/

  • Does anyone know how to get the notification message to display in OS X? I just made the switch to a mac, and I can hear the alert sound, but on windows a message would display in the bottom right corner when I had a new mail message, and now in OS X, even with the "show alert message" option checked, nothing shows up :(

  • Does anyone know how to get the notification message to display in OS X? I just made the switch to a mac, and I can hear the alert sound, but on windows a message would display in the bottom right corner when I had a new mail message, and now in OS X, even with the "show alert message" option checked, nothing shows up :(

  • Is there way for me to backup my "WebMail Accounts" list?

  • GREAT add on. I have several Yahoo accounts and this makes it so easy to manage email. Problem is... for about the last month, 1/2 of the accounts will be checked and the other half (always exactly the same accounts) will be listed as "not checked".

    ***UPDATE*** I noticed that the accounts listed as "not checked" were newer accounts and that they were the ones that I changed from the "new" Yahoo mail back to "classic" Yahoo mail. When I changed them back to the "new" Yahoo mail, everything began working again.