About Face for Facebook Rated 4 out of 5 stars

X-Notifier (v3.3.12) remains my single most essential Firefox add-on. Unfortunately, Facebook must have recently changed something to upset the apple cart. Facebook script 2013-10-28 no longer notifies users like it has for so long.

Hovering the mouse over the X-notifier button shows "Facebook (account-name): not checked" in red ink. Right-clicking the X-notifier button shows all Facebook accounts as grayed-out listings. Fortunately, clicking on those account names does successfully open each account, so X-notifier still has substantial value. However, the add-on no longer notifies users when unread Facebook postings are available.

Facebook has apparently done something that requires another tweak to the Facebook script. I can only shake my head in amazement and admiration at how the developer is able to keep abreast of so many different applications and the programming techniques required to access them. Hope this Facebook problem can be solved.

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