Starting to see Bad Tactics Rated 2 out of 5 stars


I’ve been using this for many years for all my accounts. Though it’s one of the best addons available in Firefox, I’m afraid the author has fallen victim to either sponsors or ‘advisors’ to generate profit out of this fine addon

With each new update to WebMail Notifier, Firefox opens up (gives focus) to a new tab. It only happens once with each update, and usually it’s a simple choice, read about the update, and consider a donation. I’m a programmer myself, I know the work involved in building and maintaining a program. I’ve given donations on several occasions to the author. I did so just a month or so back. No response.

The updates to a newer version have been increasing now, as if the main reason is to just open a new tab asking for a donation. Usually you just close the tab, but today I got the very amateurish popup window when trying to close the tab. To other programmers out there, it’s like the old ‘mousetrap’, which almost locks you in a loop. I was given the option of only clicking the popup to escape, being notified immediately at a new Starbuck’s window with the annoying and very amateurish flashing “You’re the California Winner” and ‘Click Here’ to claim your prize. No escape to that window either, trapped unless you click to claim your $1,000 Walmart gift certificate, clicking ‘no’ just opens a new window with a new advertisement, with a new winner announcement. The focus of the popup prevents closing the tab or even Firefox. The browser hung, no escape. Had to reboot.

I have many computers and accounts, this happened on the others as well. It’s amazing how I was chosen each time as the California winner. What are the odds of that……..duh.

You’ve got a good product Byungwook, don’t blow it. Don’t let sponsors talk you into sending people to their site, then locking them in with such amateurish tactics. If this continues to happen, the increasing updates just to bring up a new tab for this purpose, you will lose the good name you’ve created.

Think about it.

Good luck.

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Thank you for your advice.
I don't do such a mean thing.
That page was shown because was down.
In this case WMN opens ''.
I didn't know that '' redirects to wrong page.
It was my mistake.
I'm fixing it now.