hopefully the the arms race of features vs usefulness will end favorably soon Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This has always been a must have extension. I was delighted to see increased support for other webmail providers. It was novel to have label/folder support as well.

However, when right clicking the status bar icon and clicking on a given yahoo account it is not helpful to not-login. Insteal clicking on an account dumps me at the yahoo login: mail.yahoo.com

Interestingly.. occasionally the 'default' account for a webmail flavor will login when clicked from the status bar icon context menu. Rarely will non-default, not-autochecked accounts be logged in.

I have created a new firefox profile, installed the minimal security extensions, and webmail notifier and this zero functionality persists. I have little interest at this time in testing the single extension in a new profile -- though when less tired and irritate one day I might.

According to anther review here reverting to version 1.55 (hopefully implied firefox 3.x) increases login reliability.

I do, however, earnestly appreciate the effort of the developer. His forward thinking years ago adding user script to add other email providers is commendable. Being an advocate of defending privacy, extremely antigeoip location, extremele anti-invase ads, and whatnot I am unwilling to donate through the paypal system. Setup a PO box or similar and I'll send some money in thanks.

I remain hopeful that the problems created (?) by expanding the feature set will be eventually resolved. However now I use Secure Login to more easily access the multitude of yahoo accounts I manage.

I leave the rating at five stars because this IS an EXCELLENT extension in concept and (historic) value.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.2.2). 

I need your help

Thank you for kind review.
I need your help to fix this problem.
I have three yahoo accounts and all of them work fine.
To resolve this problem, I need to investigate in which situation it does not work.
If you can help me, mail to tobwithu at gmail.com