Massive problems from a once great add-on! Rated 1 out of 5 stars

For years I loved and promoted X-marks but now it is having massive login issues. Initially it gives a broken error window that requires hitting "Esc" to get out of or FF locks up. Then it requires 4-6 attempts before it can log in- and that is using LastPass! Shouldn't that of all add-ons log it in since that is what it does and Xmarks was taken over by LastPass? For a while I thought it was my computer because it was having issues and I did end up switching out some hardware. I then noticed the problem on 2 other computers. I spoke to other users and they all thought that it was just them too. Also, the synchs are not always working correctly. and sometimes it takes multiple synchs to get all of the favorites! For those of us with big lists this is simply not acceptable to get most of them most of the time. It needs to be all of them all of the time! Heads should roll over this fiasco and someone at the company who cares should put their foot up people's asses until it works PERFECTLY!

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