If you love Xmarks - READ THIS, please! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

First, let me say, I've NOTHING to do with Xmarks, Mozilla, et al. Like you, I love Xmarks. The response they've been getting is overwhelmingly positive - the 'powers that be' ARE listening. The GREAT news is it looks like Xmarks WILL go on. But, still - they NEED OUR SUPPORT. Our positive feedback IS helping get the word out. If you love Xmarks, GO to their page. Read it. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!! ALSO: if you'd be wiling to POSSIBLY (again, it's still ONLY a possibility) pay $10/year, I encourage you to SIGN YOUR SUPPORT for this idea at: http://www.pledgebank.com/XmarksPremium. There IS power in numbers, thanks to all of US!!!

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