Excellent Add-On Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Xmarks turned out to be better than its predecessor overall. It still has some minor glitches from time to time, but what app does not. The only issue I have ever had with Xmarks (Foxmarks) was and still is when syncing with IE. The only reason I even bother is I find it easier (with my large amounts of bookmarks 6K+) to organize, delete, etc.. I just find it easier to manage my bookmarks using (explore, well I actually use Q-Dir (excellent app by the way) ). If you are not careful with using IE when sync or managing using explorer, you can cause your bookmarks to get crossed (they wind up in other folders after uploading. Not to mention that before doing anything with IE and bookmarks, its best to download and overwrite IE. If you do not in some case when uploading to Xmarks then sync with Firefox you will end up with Bookmarks Toolbar and Bookmarks name titles being changed. If I just stick with Firefox, I have never had an issue what so ever.

Side Note:
I see many people down software in a negative way. There is no need for such. Most people tend to gripe about the add-ons here when they stop working or do not work properly. What these people need to realize is that Firefox changes periodically and therefor developers have to adjust not only to Firefox but that of other add-ons users install. A developer can not predict what add-on every user is going to use. There for you can not have a harmonious balance with add-ons in Firefox. The most common issues with add-ons I see is the not so much the compatibility with Firefox but that with other add-ons. Since add-ons all share the same space and code can overlap. This can cause issues. The only way add-ons would ever work harmonious is if the devs of Firefox where soley the ones to create the add-ons or a group of every day users/devs join forces and develop all the add-ons. A dev can not consult with every developer out there that creates add-ons nor review ever single line of code of every add-on. That's why they rely on the users to submit bugs and describe there issue. Face it people these devs are not getting paid a salary to maintain these add-ons, most do it in there spare time. Most of you probably do not even debug your add-on issues before gripping, because mostly like you would find out there is a conflict with another add-on(s) and possibly a newer version of Firefox. In some cases a new code a dev trys out does not work out the way they want it too. In other cases add-ons grow in to bigger and better things if you do not like the fact then develop your own modification of the add-on to suit your need.

One reviewer here mentions Xmarks turning Firefox into a Microsoft-like pig, not sure how one sees that. For one, Xmarks does not charge your for a license for all 213 computers, they do not charge period (just donations). Continuously backup bookmarks, well that is its job, Backup. I do not see an issue with that. That is what it has always done since it was first created. I do not every recall having to wait for Xmarks..hmmm. nope never had to wait (and I am on an old ancient machine, well 10yr old at least). It all runs in the background. Of course that is one person opinion over (currently) 1451 reviews, with 4 out of 5 stars, hmm...does not sound like crap to me.

As one person stated re-install hands.exe and brain.dll

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.4.10).