Rated 1 out of 5 stars

This is one crap add-on. Foxmark was awesome, this is only to mint money. It's unstable, looses bookmarks, a complete crap.

I have no trust as what they would do with our data...If you are using it, please be cautious.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.4.6). 

We beg to differ

I wish you had put some content in your review, so we could either solve a technical problem you're having or debate business strategies. Alas there's not much here to go on. Doing the best I can with what you've said:
* as far as I know, there's no money printing press here. If you've got some ideas on how we might start getting some significant revenue from this add-on, we would love to know about it because we could really use some.
* the core sync code has changed very little in the year since we changed our name. Firefox has changed a lot though, so that might be contributing to your perception of instability. We've never seen Xmarks lose bookmarks, but we've definitely seen the Firefox places.sqlite file lose a few. Please feel free to contact us or Mozilla support if you need any help. Both Xmarks and Firefox keep backups of your bookmarks, so you should be able to recover any lost data pretty easily.
* trusting other companies with your data is pretty much required these days if you want to do anything online. But if you have specific concerns, please feel free to review our privacy policy and make an informed decision.