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  • It's not working with the new qbittorrent 4.2.1 version.
  • Its ok. It pops up trying to sell xirvik seedboxes. I disabled that but then had to use firefox that allows unsigned addons. Another bigger problem with this addon is in interferes with css loading of pages for a second. I'm just running rutorrent locally so I don't really need this addon but saves a couple of steps. Better to do things manually and have pages load fast
  • really nice work, especially because i have the ability to set the labels and download location, it would be really great if it can also give some statistics on the current files
  • shows ads in notify window
  • It works, I use it for deluge and rtorrent
  • So far, the best I tried for rutorrent
  • I wars the error 405, have you a idee wheres the problem is? my logindata are 100% correct. thank you!
  • Does what it says and was easy to set up.
  • Causes white flash while loading pages, also messes with CSS on some websites. Don't install this.
  • It does its job but creates a blank white screen before any link is clicked. Its extremely annoying and I hope the developer looks into this. Once I disabled the plugin the white screen before every link went away.
  • great but some adds
  • Thank you soooo much for this! Was just looking around to see if there was something remotely close to this is just what i was looking for!!
  • Great extension. Works well with seedbox and rutorrent. Thanks for the work put into it!

    Feature request: remember selected labels (and other options) between dialog boxes. If I'm downloading an torrent with the label "ISO", chances are I'm downloading several ISOs and the persisting label selection would be very helpful.
  • Works great with cheapseedboxes server.
  • it works well when its working, apart from the fact of when it picks magnet links up my browser still tries to handle them.. however its really starting to bother me that randomly it looses my seedbox data meaning l have to add all the details again which is bad enough because the other addon that does that doesnt autofill any more
  • er
  • Worked well.. then it started showing notification ads. Unacceptable.
  • Hard to configure but it works, thanks. You could give more help for host url writing, it's not easy to guess the correct spelling. Rutorrent 3.6 on Libreelec 8.
  • Работает через жопу, на Рутрекере при нажатии на ссылку пишет, что файл не является торрентом, при нажатии на иконку попадаешь в настройки, нахуй это нужно непонятно. Сделайте функционал как в Torrent Status Tool от iann. Пользуюсь пока Torrent Status Tool не обновится, потом удалю и поставлю 1.
  • I'm excited to once again have a functioning Deluge webUI bridge. Thanks for making this available.

    A note to people when configuring your seedbox URL: don't forget to include "http" in your URL. I forgot, and was getting constant errors saying "Downloaded file is not a torrent." It was a misleading error message, because my server URL was just malformed.
  • I use a deluge server. When I left click on magnet link, the add-on works fine but firefox (last version available on ubuntu 16.04) ask me, every time, for the application I want to use with the magnet link. Is there any way to fix?
    Many thanks
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