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  • This used to be really helpful, but still breaks firefox 50 (another review said Xinha Here broke Firefox 49). I cannot get my last session even via the restore last session feature (it is greyed out). The main menu ("hamburger button") of firefox is broken. The only way to disable Xinha Here is to push Ctrl Shift A then disable or remove it, or possibly via Safe Mode. You will lose your session for sure. I installed it from here December 2016 and the version still says Xinha 0.95: Trunk (4 Apr 2008). It is clearly no longer maintained.
  • Xinha is good wysiwyg html editor, but unfortunately with last versions of Firefox (49) it breaks the "Open Menu" icon on the address bar and it also breaks some other stuff - for example it breaks the "Session Manager" addon.
  • Does not work with Firefox 23. It seems that an update could be required.
  • Very useful editor but unfortunately got an extremely weird way of launching.
  • Downloaded and restarted firefox (12.0) several times.

    No signs of life.
  • Best WYSIWYG / HTML editor extension I can find (and man have I looked) . Great for taking notes in HTML or just text, also useful in creating pages or posts for blog. and its simple and elegant.

    To open the editor initially you must find a Text Field (even a password box or comment form will do). right click and choose the mode you want from the context menu.
    I always chose the window version. The split screen version does not let me copy/ paste, but the editor in the window selection works great.

    only complaint is that if I have "hyperlink" text, I have to type the URL in by hand, Can't Copy /Paste into the add URL box.

    Otherwise its terrific and essential.
  • Oh, forgot.. Mr.HyperC! :

    -Thanks for your delicius add-on!

    I admit feeling like a thief for not paying you Nothing At All after all those Years of "shouldn´t-have-made it-at-all-if-not-for-Xinha Here!"..

    Story: Have used Xinha Here! for editing our webshop, which runs OsCommerce.

    Its Xinha Here! that have made all those product descriptions possible......

    Xinha Here! that have made it possible to update our news at our shop....

    Xinha Here! that,..well, you get the picture...!
    -even now, when Ive decided to move on to a new webshop - I notice
    that I just can´t live on Without Xinha Here! : )

    EVERYONE that had the ADVANTAGE of Xinha Here:

    -Dig deep into your conscience...

    Pretty PLS send atleast 5$ to this one dude! ok??

    - I know I will!
  • Great add-on, very usefull!
  • This add-on only works with TEXT FIELD, not all the text on the page. I was one of you who were looking for an add-on for editing web pages directly. This one is simply not designed for this, although it sounds doing similar job.

     It is unfair to give bad rating just because you dont know about it.

  • After install i cannot see it No where....
  • Where is the damn editor?
  • I have used this for years now, with no issues!
    Even when version was outdated, using "Mr. Tech" to make compatible did the trick and never a problem with any version of FF. Now as far as (@Kathy Nimmons) taking your money... What the heck are you talking about! I never had to pay a cent for this or the base code of Xinha. Bewildered.
    Gets an A+ from Scientific Frontline.
  • suckers took my money, THEN, told me my version of foxfire wasn't supported.... DUH! Firefox updates regularly.
    Hmm Kathy. I don't think I told you any such thing. The latest update is on my website:


    BTW... you can have your $1 back if you like.
  • WORKS WELL WITH Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) WIKIS
  • I have used this addon for 2 years and always found it to work on any site. Every once in a while parts of the code will show in the message submitted, but this might be particular to certain websites. This should be a recommended addon.
  • Soy una usuaria asidua de Xinha. Es un editor comodísimo e indispensable para mi trabajo como maestra a distancia. Ojalá puedan hacer este add-on compatible con Firefox 3.5.
    ¡Mil gracias!
  • Why is not this recommended??
  • This is awesome! Now I can finally have a rich editor on SharePoint when using a Mac.

    The only problem I've had is that table display is slightly buggy when it comes to showing table cells, but this didn't prevent me from using it.
  • Oh this looks like it is going to be great!  I have just donwloaded it and it seems very easy to use I am having a bit of trouble getting the color font to work but I am guessing I will figure that out myself.  I see that there is help too.  How very nice.
  • I was using this on SU and only found it from searching editor, after continuing settings on my new computer.

    It takes a minute to get use to. But so did the WYSIWYG editor.

    I hope this kicks but on other sites as it does on the SU site.

    Thx for this one!

    I'll be sure to spread the word!
  • This addon is a really great one. It saves me bandwidth on my website bcoz I don't have to install any such editor (like TinyMCE, FCKEditor, etc.).

    I think there's a bug in 0.14 version on Firefox 3.0.5 when installed along with Delicious Toolbar.

    In the Xinha Here! Window, pressing any of the arrow keys opens the Delicious Boomarker with URL: chrome://xinhahere/content/xinha_editor.html
    Strange. I have Firefox 3.0.5 with the Delicious Toolbar and don\'t see the same bug.
  • It's my first time I search a similar tool and this is very useful for me
  • cool
  • Pretty good product, and works as advertised for the most part. One question: How do I continue with a numbered list? Say, if I have 1, 2, 3, and then insert a blank line, or some text after that, how do I have my next numbered list start with 4, rather than having it reset and start with 1 again? Thanks.
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