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I also like this plug-in as a self-teaching Japanese student but like ashemedai and 001Asoer I have a huge CPU being used.
I already had this problem once but didn't really understood which plugins did it so I decided to desactivate some of them including XHTML Ruby Support and hurray ! It was fine.
Recently, I decided I wish to read texts with furigana to help otherwise I just hardly feel like having the will to read japanese as i have a quite poor level and so I reactivated the plugin. There are sites where the PC becomes too slow, 100 % CPU or about. I noticed that on the site it begans using CPU there are many ruby data but for me it doesn't explain the behaviour because a text in japanese may have much more ruby that the site I was talking about.
I wished to talk about the problem on that page but I see I'm not the only one and while I was searching I found an alternative to test.