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  • Erstklassig. Etwas, das in Firefox nativ einfach fehlt! Bitte unbedingt für Firefox 57 anpassen, ich fühle mich total verloren ohne xclear!
    Firefox unterstützt ab 57 nur noch WebExtensions und mit denen ist xclear nicht umzusetzen, da die APIs das nicht hergeben.
  • Muy útil y practica, ademas le da estilo al navegador. Gracias!
  • I am a Linux user and used xclear for several years. I really miss it now. Is there really no chance to migrate it? Thanks anyway for the past years!

    === update

    In lack of a better option, I filed a feature request at http://input.mozilla.com/ .
    This addon uses XBL which is not supported anymore, the new WebExtensions don't support changing stuff outside a webpage, like the URL or search bar, so I can't upgrade unfortunately. Sorry!
  • I can't imagine life without this add-on. Hoping there is a plan to update for use with FF 57+.
    XUL overlays are not supported anymore, there is nothing I can do... :-(
  • An excellent extension!

    The option for this functionality should be included by Mozilla in Firefox as standard.
  • Thank you! It's been so hard to find this perfect addon. People don't understand how the Linux copy and paste buffers work. Even most so called Linux users. Searching for clear address bar, form fields, -history delete x to delete current url. Nothing brings this up. I din't think this existed. Thank you!
  • Hi again! I used this all those years up to i knew your "Wheelclear". Two fabulous add-ons. Thank you so much for this explendid stuff.

    Suggestion: (Forgive me if you think that this shouln't be posted here)
    • I use another tiny addon (here in AMO) but with a very usefull functionality. it's named "Scrool search engines". As you could imagine it's scroll through the search engines in the search-bar when you hover the search-bar (even without need to focus it). Fortunely "Wheelclear" works EVERYWHERE, except in the search-bar, couse "Scrool search engines" overides "Wheelclear". So, at this point evertthing's fine, but Which is the way to clear the search-bar in a easy way?
    In a sense, "Wheelclear" was builded as a better replacement to "Xclear". So it's a nonsense have both instaled. But, if you consider the case that i exposed, "Xclear" could be in the ride once again.
    I think that if you put an option to make xclear works (appears) ONLY in the search-bar, i will have three excellent functionalities, without having the "clear" function in other imput than search-bar.

    (Also this "problem" could be traslated to the URL too if wheelclear is used in conjuntion with other addons that use the scrool wheel mouse button (like "Omnibar", i don't use it but i tried) in the URL. So if you put my suggestion to the URL (independient from the search-bar) it could be another help compatibility with some other add-on that use the scrool whell without the need to have to xclear and wheelclear repeated in all the browser.

    I hope i made my point and forgive my bad english. Thanks again.
    To disable the icon in the url field, put this into your userChrome.css:
    #urlbar * .xclear {
    display: none !important;
  • Using it both on Linux and Windows, great little helper.
  • Does just what it says, and works out of the box with SeaMonkey, too!
  • It's small, simple, clean but extremely useful.
  • Works, but half as much as claimed. Nothing whatsoever results from scrolling over the field - I refer to both the Search Bar and the Location Bar - but clicking the added icon does clear the field.

    I tend to agree with the user who does not want any [tacked-on clear-by-scroll] feature you can't disable: very unwise change, considering the other functions of scrolling. I'd like to go back to v1.5.
    Sorry, I didn't update the addon description, only the version notes. The mouse wheel functionality was removed, if you want this, look at https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/wheelclear/ which enables every field to be cleared with the mouse wheel.
  • I tried a few different extensions that perform the same function--clearing out text in the search and address bars to allow for an easy middle-click paste into the desired field. I give preference to Xclear because it (1) it works, (2) its simple and to the point: nothing extraneous, and (3) it emphasized being a lightweight add-on.

    One suggestion I might offer to improve the add-on in the future would be to make it capable of clearing the entry field by rolling the middle button up or down when placed over the field to be cleared. This would elimate the extra movement and mouseclick, thereby making the app more convient and ultimately more enjoyable.
    Very good idea (mouse wheel), I implemented it in 1.7
  • Works great and is unobstrusive, just like a native part of Firefox.
  • i uninstalled the add on, but the x's are still there
  • I agree with PaintFrog, "A nice feature might be the option of allowing the icon to appear on the left side of the field to be cleared rather than on the right...". This is much more visually pleasing than Clear Fields which it is replacing on my Pc. Thank You.
  • I like how it's lightweight and does what is says. A nice feature might be the option of allowing the icon to appear on the left side of the field to be cleared rather than on the right as many (most?) Firefox users read from left to right in their native languages. Konqueror has a context menu "clear" option which is nice. Would that also be an option?
  • I love yo
  • Any possibility of adding Xclear to bookmarks search? I have to manually clear searches with my current theme.

    It would also be nice to have options to turn Xclear on or off in each area. My search bar clears itself so I don't need Xclear there.
  • Is it possible to make clear buttons be always on? It is somewhat annoying to see when they appear and disappear.(I changed CSS myself).PS. Also, is it possible to include more imaginative colored icons? For example: http://findicons.com/icon/235501/edit_clear?id=348445 http://findicons.com/icon/202947/edit_delete?id=348401
    If you install the addon within FF 4.0 with the addon manager the version will be correct, also in FF4 the icon will not disappear.
  • I love this addon.
    I noticed that the find field icon doesn't disappear when there is no text there, like it does in the address and search bars.

  • Super / Danke!
  • Simple, and effective for me as linux user. Thank you.

    If someone wants the 'broom' gtk icon used by firefox in linux:
    list-style-image: url("moz-icon://stock/gtk-clear?size=menu") !important;
  • is there an equivalent one for chromium?
  • Excellent add-on. Simple, straight forward, does exactly what it says.
    Thank you.
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