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  • A really good idea! Could be very useful, not least to find what would be the right html 'code' to select for "Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus". That would be my primary purpose.
    BUT - as others have mentioned - much of the tags are placed weird places or on top of each other. (I'm using the newest version of FF in the shape of the fork Palemoon that's completely compatible with FF, just compiled as 64 bit).
    On my Win7 Pro I've increased the global font size with 25%. I don't know if that has anything to do with this problem (don't think so). A few apps (including some MS ones) have not taken into consideration that a user might take advantage of this Windows feature (!!).
    I'm looking forward to the author addressing this problem. I know the version number hasn't reached v1.0 yet. So I'm not too disappointed. Things take time and user testing has to be done. :) I know from my own experience with programming.
    BUT IT's still worth trying out. It MIGHT work perfectly for YOU! :)

  • Although it is one of a kind plugin, you have to do major improvements to it. X-Rayed page is a mess. Especially header. Tags getting on top of each other look horrible.

  • Works very fine :)

  • Very nice plugin, but you need to update this and professor x for FireFox 3.5 and up it's not working at all :(

  • Great tool thanks!! Are you updating to latest version of Firefox? Have just installed 3.5.2 and found I can't use X-Ray now - or is there a solution?

  • impressivly simple and fast way to get a closer look into webdesign. Thanks.
    It works even great with FF 3.5 (the rc1), you may update the install.rdf to support 3.5.

  • I really like this tool. The interface is very attractive as well. (Sometimes Addons can look a bit amateurish.)

  • Love it, update for Firefox 3 please!!!

  • X-Ray is fantastic! I hadn't realized how much I rely on it until I upgraded to Fire Fox 3 and found the plug in has yet to be updated. I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the updated plug-in - it works GREAT!

  • Useful!!!

  • Very nice. It would be great if it had a keyboard shortcut or an icon in the status bar to easily turn on or off.

  • Pretty much does what it says. However I only really found it to be useful on extremely simple site layouts, such as those when you're beginning to to create a site. Doesn't really help for more complicated layouts as it becomes way too cluttered to understand. I prefer SourceChart when it comes to any code more than a 3 div layout without content.

  • Very, very handy

  • Does what it says. Great option to get a quick overview of a source, very very useful. Really looks like x-ray! 10/10 from me.
    Thank you mate! ;-)

  • Definitely helps in breaking down a web page for studying. Very glad I added it!

  • Hard to review X-Ray while, at the same time, trying not to sound like a crazed sychophant. I'll try to let pictures do most of the talking.

    I had a web page, I broke it, I turned on X-Ray, now my grandmother could figure up what is wrong with it. See the screen snapshot at http://www.smithline.net/images/Firefox_X-Ray_add-on.png. Notice how the border on the right doesn't line up the way the border on the left does. X-Ray shows exactly which DIV tag is incorrect. This was my first time using X-Ray (or is it "taking an X-Ray"?) and I suspect it just saved me 20-90 minutes. If the developer's home page has a contribute button I'm going to throw him a few bucks just for my saved time.

    Note: my lo-res capture made some letters hard to read. This was done to keep the image size small. The original looks fine.

  • ...ext'n Stuart! I just found this and want to thank you for producing it. Very helpful to see things layed out. Thanks!