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  • It works for a while, then it stops and pushes for "donations" – and nothing else. You should say on the tin this is pay software. But of course, who wants to pay for just checking their e-mail? Uninstalled for good.
  • I've logged into Gmail (2 separate accounts and it picked up both of those) however on closing the browser, it removes them again :/ Hotmail seems to be the only one it keeps regardless.

    I've logged out and back in for Yahoo Mail, restarted but it's not being picked up at all.
  • ok with gmail, hotmail not working
  • It is great, it detects logins on firefox, but i noticed it cannot handle 2 accounts from yahoo.... It always see only one account.
  • Capital A 4 AWSOME
  • Want tio learn mood
  • Demande de l'argent avant de pouvoir entrer l'identifiant de mon compte Hotmail
  • Not detecting any of my Hotmail accounts.
  • Tenía miles de problemas con X-notifier así que lo desinstalé y probé éste, y va muy bien pero sólo me deja usar uno de mis dos correos que uso en Hotmail. ¿Cómo es posible que no se puedan añadir más correos? Me estoy volviendo loco probando varios complementos para ver mis correos, no encuentro ninguno que me dé el servicio que me daba X-notifier :-(
  • проверка только той почты куда зашел с общими настройками вроде интервала проверки.
    подхватил gmail и hotmail.
  • Extension signes itself out of yahoo account and requires re logging in to the account, even though in the browser i am signed it. Can't choose which account not to check.
  • Not working with Outlook. Must be that new Outlook Email.
  • Not notifying new mails.

    Apparently the redesign, only a few people have it.
  • I have 42 unread messages and if I'm not in front of my PC, I wouldn't notice any new email. Also I don't want to mark my emails as read because some of them were not read by me and I want to do it later. Solution is adding an option to reset the counter to zero. This extension had have the same problem for years, you need to remember how many unread emails you had which is not common sense.
  • OK
  • Worked fine yesterday, but today it can't find my hotmail account. Also, if it can't automatically check your inbox without you manually logging in first it's not very handy.

    Installed this because the "non-lite" version stopped working too.. now I have nothing to check my hotmail with. MSN messenger is dead...
  • great product, thank you !!
    i have feature requests -- i am not receiving email from your forum to finish an account creation, so i will request 2 new features here:
    Request Feature #1) option to show unread count rather than new email count.
    Request Feature #2) show a toolbar icon per each email account. for example, if i have 3 accounts, i want to see 3 independent icons.
  • Edit: After emailing the developer, he fixed the issue right away. The latest version (1.7) fixes this issue and properly reports the Gmail email count. The addon works as intended and is awesome once again. =)

    I had about 50 emails. Xnotifier lite showed 50 emails, then 100, then 150, and 10 seconds later it was showing 3500 without stopping. I disabled the addon and now my Gmail account is suspended because they recognized unsual usage- probably from xnotifier checking my accounting every second until it broke everything. Don't use this addon
  • While it works exactly as i need it, the toolbar icon keeps reseting its position. If i move it to some place between other icons, close the Firefox and open it again, the icon will be reset back to the very right side of the toolbar. Plz fix this.
  • Please, its not working in Windows 8.1 pro, latest Firefox. If I gets one email on gmail its showing 100+ emails in my gmails and the number is still increasing. BTW, google blocked my Gmail for 24 hours because its reloading the gmail continuously. So, I've disabled the Addon for now....I'll use it again when it will get fixed...also, will replace the rating.
    Actually, it was very good addon...appreciate the work.
  • Perfect for Gmail, doesn't work with Outlook.
  • Nice extension
  • Just what I need !
  • 11
  • Good work. Nice add-on.
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