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  • Was intending to mainly use this, not only as an easy to see downloader interface, but to hide that archaic and annoying URL status bar... However to my surprise it overlays underneath it, yeah thanks for the disappointment as I see no option to display the download GUI over it in preferences... But it can overlay over full screened videos??? Nice. So help me Duke, is there any stopping the Satan that is, "the status bar"??? By the gods of Gondor will you please shower your wrath upon us and add a little box to check that can hide this hell?
  • I was hoping for a download bar that works like on Chrome. Shows status of download and then a single click to open, and the button (and the bar) disappears after opening. This does none of that.
  • Serait parfait si la fonction du son fonctionnait.
  • This is a very good add on, a lot better comapred to how Firefox manages downlaods normally wher eyou have to open a window to get a proper look at what downloads are remaining and the time left for each download.

    The only suggestion I could make is finding a way where a second window doesn't appear just to open/run the file once you double click the file, (or maybe single click as an alternative option). This is asuggestion but obviously I don't know whether there is a reason for this since i'm not a developer.

    This isn't too bothersome as I mostly open explorer location anyway so I'm keeping the five star rating, but the times where I want to open an image, etc it can be slightly annoying.
  • There's an issue where everytime I retract the bar (using the bottom right side button) the theme resets to default and all custom color sets are erased. Would really like a fix for that.
  • Great addons just what we need! One more feature request is that can you add an option that shows download items from right on statusbar? Thanks!
  • Might i request an option to change colours? Progress bar in dark mode is too dark :)
  • Does nothing. No status bsr is created for downloads on Firefox 66.0.3
  • Moved to WX Download from Download Manager (S3). Sometimes simplicity is just what we need. Love the dark theme. Thanks Developer!
  • Simple effective, with all the required options and works like a charm. 10/10
  • Excellent, thank you for this, wish there were a permanent status bar in Firefox like the old days, don't know why the don't give users who prefer a status bar to have one, makes no sense..